Human Behavior in Business

Why attitude is important?


Victoria Mineva

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Many people speak about business and how to do it. Not many people understand that business happens with human behavior between humans.

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I have been in the world's business heart Dubai, and I understood the difference between attitudes there and in other countries.

I will not draw a line between various earth's worlds. I like to share what I observed in the business attitude.

In oriental countries like Turkey and the United Arabian Emirates, a client is an important person. I have been only there so I can not compare with other lands.

Traders a long time ago used favors to do business. I am not sure why today people do not see that simple fact, which is valid in the present too. Blinded by golden American or somewhere's else dream, humans transformed into animals that are hungry for wealth. It is not noxious to have enough money and work for them.

But, it is a tragedy to see how people are seen as dollars, euros, or every other currency.

In Dubai, I have a close-to-heart person that has a clothing shop. Many customers come happily to her because she shows kindness and goes into their shoes. She smiles and shows understanding and care for customers' well-being.

Sincerity has always been a trend.

One man came into the shop, happily smiling because he loved her wife and wanted to buy her a dress. He found the shop a few months ago, and now, whenever he is in Dubai, he visits the shop and buys different goods.

The happy husband spoke with the salesperson as they are best friends. That is the big difference in business attitude in Dubai and other countries where people are sullen when it comes to welcoming clientele.

Every human needs attention, sincerity, and care.

I have seen this rarely in businesses everywhere. But pure interest is the best working sales strategy. It is heartfelt by everyone intertwined in the connection.

In the present time, favors and services are a treasure. They are still valid as in the old times. It is weird businesspersons forgot that.

When someone thinks: “How much money I will earn from that bag /a.ka other human/,” and “How can I make the person happy to spend money for its well-being and self-esteem” makes a big difference.

People want to feel appreciated and not looked at as banknotes.

The same goes for other Dubai businesses too. The salespersons smile everywhere I have been. They made me feel better and more confident I am not a walking euro. They asked casual questions. I did not feel pressured to buy something and enjoyed the human contact on a different level outside the buy-sell situation.

Why the human behavior in business it's prominent?

These are the reasons:

  1. Building Trust;
  2. Long-term business partnership;
  3. Higher self-esteem;

When the trust is built, the customers do not hesitate to buy again from the same shop, trader, or businessperson. They feel safe there and not misled because of the shown sincerity toward their personality. That creates happiness and brings more than money into the trade, it looks like a higher mission to unite people.

An estabilished long-term business partnership brings profits because one happy customer who got human behavior brings other content clients. That way, every business is a success.

Higher self-esteem is the best thing people who buy something new receive. The confidence and self-respect are the reasons people look for humanity in business.

The customers go where they have proper treatment and change for better.

The conclusion of this post is well-known but not acknowledged. People treasure favors and atitude more than giving their money just because in any business. Nothing much changed from the old time except that businesspersons are blinded by purpose for the simple truths, and can't accept them because they do not want to look foolish.

Human attitude in the business opens doors that can lead to a further progress of those who see the big picture in economical, and humanistic field. Business is not a simple trade. It is a lifestyle and mindset that is different than only money-making.

Thank you for reading.


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