Being Human Helps Determine Our Future and Shape Our Reality

Interactions come with expectations. Those originate from people’s experiences and the world in which they now live that let them live their human purpose.


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People skills let everyone live a life complete with purpose

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Interactions come with expectations. Those originate from people’s experiences and the world in which they now live.

“Sometimes those expectations are fueled by our various views on humankind purpose,” said Kate Nasser. “Yes, it sounds very deep and philosophical and some people say they aren’t interested.

“Yet, it doesn’t remove the impact that expectation has on our interactions,” she said. “Why hide from it? Our diverse views of why we are on this earth impact everyday connections.”

Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, was talking about what she described as “living our human purpose.” She has written, “Leading Morale: The People Skills to Stop Negativity & Ignite Contributions.”

Mutuality unites and creates identity
It’s “we” exploring the world and its opportunities

She went into greater detail with business consultant Luke Soon. He specializes in innovation and future-back, which has been called “a way of thinking that allows leaders to envision the best possible future for their enterprise.”

“Humanity has many alternate futures and realities,” Soon said, with Nasser adding that “humanity has many opportunities to create a better world for future generations.”

Given the complexity of people, life’s purpose includes learning how to succeed while navigating around human foibles.

“I want to inspire everyone around me to be the best versions of themselves,” Soon said. “Be better today versus yesterday, every day. Leave this world a better place.”

For Nasser, the better world would be less of an enigma.

“I am good at making the complex simpler,” she said. “I share that with others to help them.”

Self-Sufficiency Allows Freedom

It’s tough to find your own purpose when others in leadership positions tell you what your purpose should be. Lack of money is another factor.

“Financial freedom keeps us from finding our purpose,” Soon said. “We all exchange finite time for money instead of value. True wealth is the ability to make your own choices such as to have time and freedom do what feeds the soul.”

Be careful if your idea of making a difference for others is to make them more like you. Get a good perspective on your role model status.

“Teach and tell others ‘early’ the things you’ve learned ‘late’ in life,” Soon said. “Be a mentor. Seek mentors.”

Placing Too Much On One Person is Unfair to Everyone
People skills spread burdens so the entire group reaps

Having a purpose to make a difference should be well considered.

“Know yourself to lift others up with your talents, strengths and caring,” Nasser said.

“Listen instead of judging,” she said. “Speak up and out against bullying. Learn new things about people every day to build understanding and harmony.”

People feeling fortunate and generous are more likely to do what they can to spread the wealth.

“Remember Maslow’s hierarchy,” Soon said. “Settle the basic necessities first. Help yourself. Invest in yourself. You’re the best investment you can make.”

Those are just a few of the things that can bring people to go beyond their own needs and do for others.

Restrain Rush to Judgment

“Learning about others and seeing our assumptions busted up can bring people to help those they misjudged,” Nasser said.

“Seeing people first hand and hearing their stories can change our views and drive us to help those who are different from us,” she said. “Natural disasters often remove boundaries between people. Then they start helping each other.”

Making a difference in the lives of others helps reassure you that you matter.

“Chemically, oxytocins are released — the feel-good neurological response,” Soon said.

“Spiritually, long term, helping others invokes a deep feeling of ascension and enlightenment,” he said. “You achieve peace with yourself, with everyone and everything in the world.”

Throw open the door for others
Inclusiveness means all entries have fresh welcome

Add to that the feeling of self-assurance.

“I know that my life is more than just basic human survival,” Nasser said. “I gain more insight about myself along with the connections and feelings we all feel.”

People looking after your best interests without being asked tells you they might have picked up on what you didn’t realize about your effect and potential.

“Believing and not giving up on me — regardless how insane my purpose statement sounds — plays the infinite game with me,” Soon said.

Instilling belief is reciprocal.

“People have made a difference in my life by opening up to the help I offer them,” Nasser said. “It’s a two-way ride of inspiration.

“My clients give me initial trust and, of course, all the opportunities to work with them,” she said.

Travel Better Together

Not every purpose is noble. There are those who say that if everyone takes care of themselves, there’s no need to do for others.

People are entitled to feeling entitled, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick selfishness as your way of life.

“To go fast, go alone,” Soon said. “To go far, go together. Everyone has heard that before. Together is really better. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

The future is what your people skills make of it
Take the initiative to make things happen in your

Aim for a higher purpose rather than be arrogant and preachy toward others.

“Remember that ‘the master appears when the student is ready,’” Soon said. “Don’t impose. Don’t prescribe.

“Share stories and empathize,” he said. “There’s no faking authenticity and genuine care. Being a leader is choosing to be a ‘parent,’ choosing to care without expecting anything in return.”

Help should come without any thought of class or status.

“After listening to them, I generally say that everyone has needs at some point with self-sufficiency never 100 percent,” Nasser said. “See that all humans are in essence the same. No hierarchy.

“Constantly learn about others, not just showing them who you are,” she said. “Ask and listen instead of judging.”

Valuable People Skills

People skills give you perspective on your life and that of others so you can make meaningful contributions everyone will appreciate.

“Those skills are integral to living our purpose as humans,” Nasser said. “It is through all types of positive communication, listening and learning that we live on this earth together.

“Without people skills we have either poor or no connection,” she said.

Make Powerful Awareness One of Your Best People Skills
Mindfulness helps ease the tugs between your heart and

Soon calls for being the best of humanity now.

“Every other artificial intelligence is taken,” he said. “We need to be as high a percentage of human as we can get.

“Practice extreme empathy and build trust,” Soon said. “Humans and AI will determine our future and shape our reality.”

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