IBM Cloud Pak C1000-147 Dumps

IBM Cloud Pak C1000-147 Dumps


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The C1000-147 exam is a crucial step for those looking to become IBM Certified Solution Architect on IBM Cloud Pak for Integration v.2021.4.  Our team at Passcert has just released the latest IBM C1000-147 Exam Dumps to help you ace the test. Our C1000-147 dumps are designed to mimic the actual exam as closely as possible, with real-world scenarios and questions that are similar to what you will encounter on the actual test. This allows you to not only test your knowledge but also become familiar with the test format and time constraints. With our IBM C1000-147 Exam Dumps, you can feel confident and prepared for the IBM C1000-147 exam.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration v2021.4 Solution Architect

An IBM Certified Solution Architect on IBM Cloud Pak for Integration v.2021.4 is a person who can design, plan, and create an architecture with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration capabilities. This architect can design a solution that meets the multi-style modern agile integration requirements across a hybrid cloud that help enterprises through their digital transformation journey. This architect can reference IBM's integration Architecture Point-of-view. They can do this with limited assistance from support, documentation, or relevant subject matter experts. 

Exam Information

Number of questions: 62Number of questions to pass: 40Time allowed: 90 minutesCertification: IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud Pak for Integration v2021.4Languages: EnglishPrice: $200 USD

Exam Objectives

Section 1: Cloud Pak for Integration Overview 12%Section 2: Container Platform Architecture 9%Section 3: Planning , Scaling, and Resiliency 14%Section 4: Modernize Integrations 13%Section 5: Product Capabilities and Use Cases 22%Section 6: Storage Considerations 8%Section 7: Foundational Services 10%Section 8: Observability 6%Section 9: DevOps 6%

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1. Which approach can be implemented with Cloud Pak for Integration to help a company modernize its application environment and container management capabilities?A.MicroservicesB.Publish/SubscribeC.Monolithic architectureD.Robotic Process AutomationAnswer: A2. What are two of the core Cloud Pak for Integration capabilities?A.MQ ApplianceB.Event StreamsC.Automation StudioD.Application IntegrationE.Robotic Process AutomationAnswer: B, D3. Which integration capability must be recovered prior to recovering an Aspera instance?A.DataPower GatewayB.MQC.API ConnectD.Event StreamsAnswer: A4. Which two scenarios are true for a customer who buys licenses of Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I)?A.Entitlements will be consumed when CP4I features like tracing, common services, and Platform Navigator are usedB.Customer can use some of these entitlements for deploying WebSphere Application ServerC.These entitlements can be used for deploying any capability that comes as part of CP4ID.Customer will need to purchase equivalent entitlements to Red Hat OpenShift Container PlatformE.Customer can use these entitlements to run standalone version of components bundled in CP4IAnswer: A, C5. What is the function of Kibana in the Cloud Pak For Integration logging service?A.Collate, correlate, and interpret log dataB.Capture, collect, and forward log dataC.Index, search, and store log dataD.Query, discover, and visualize log dataAnswer: C6. What does OpenShift use to provide storage to Cloud Pak for Integration components?A.Network attached storageB.Local disk storageC.Persistent volumeD.Spectrum storageAnswer: A7. In Cloud Pak for Integration, which object can be used to request storage resources without knowing the underlying storage infrastructure?A.Persistent Volume Claim (PVC)B.Persistent Volume (PV)C.RADOS Block Device (RBD)D.Elastic Block Storage (EBS)Answer: C8. Which two technologies can be used to extend the DataPower Gateway processing behavior?A.XSLTB.JavaScriptC.PythonD.C#E.JavaAnswer: C, D


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