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Going offshore can be a daunting experience for many businesses. We’ve all heard of the horror...


Aphinya Dechalert

3 years ago | 4 min read

Exploring 5 facets of hiring the right offshore development

Going offshore can be a daunting experience for many businesses. We’ve all heard of the horror stories where a company decides to outsource and the project delivered is filled with bugs to a point where it’s not workable.

Simple change requests turn into nightmarish communication issues and there’s so much back and forth that your company feels like it’s just burning the budget away for no good reason.

But not all experiences have to be horrible ones. Hiring the right offshore development team can be a cumbersome process, but it doesn’t have to be. As a software development company, we’ve helped many businesses achieve their strategic goals by delivering software that works.

We know a thing or two about helping businesses get their software and apps off the ground. So what makes us better than others? 

Here are 5 facets of hiring the right offshore development team and the things that make us stand out.

1) Proactivity

There’s more to coding than developers just sitting in front of computer screens. Creating good stable software requires understanding and the ability to fill in the gaps. 

And that’s what you really need in an offshore development company for your projects — proactivity.

When you hire offshore, you can’t guarantee that your developers will have the initiative needed to make decisions on the fly. There are certain things that don’t need to be briefed out each and every time. Just an explanation and sometimes clarification is enough.

Some of the tales we hear from clients are the long processes needed to get a response and movement with their apps from external companies, until we came along. Our developers are skilled enough to be self-sufficient and are able to think on their feet by their own initiative. 

2) Development Agility

A developer’s ability to effectively create code and deliver robust solutions is based on how well a team can navigate through their language and infrastructure stacks, in addition to working with each other smoothly.

While it’s easy to say these things, it’s harder to efficiently navigate and coordinate in reality. You need the right kind of developers with temperaments that complement one another.

Finding this balance for on-shore, local in-house teams can be difficult, especially if you’re not in the business of developing software. This difficulty increases significantly when you take your development requirements offshore, with project managers who may not be able to control delivery velocity.

However, we’re different because we know and hand-pick our developers. As a software development company, we’ve worked out how to navigate between developing code that works and delivering first-class solutions.

We are able to do this because we have a good mix of US team members to help manage your projects, along with offshore developers to create solutions for your needs. This is our “no-shore” model that has proven highly effective for our customers.

3) Past Deliveries

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying on-shore or going borderless offshore with your project, you should always do a history test.

You wouldn’t hire an employee without first checking the validity of their claims, or at least seeing what they’ve got on their resume. Why wouldn’t you do the same for software development companies?

We have a portfolio of past clients that will personally vouch for us. All you have to do is ask and we can direct you to and show you our projects. 

However, you shouldn’t stop your investigation here. Talk to us about how we’ve solved complex requirements and turned them into something that’s ready for future growth and pivotability. Some companies will awe you with amazing designs, but pulling projects off at a robust software level can be a different story. 

4) Connection

When looking for the right software development company, don’t just look for the cheapest. Rather, look at where they are situated physically.

Location does impact the quality and density of talent available. 

We are located in Portugal, which is at the epicenter of the biggest tech conference — the Web Summit. Our physical location also means that there isn’t a major disconnect between our developers and our US management contacts. 

A lot of businesses get caught out of the loop when their developers are in a completely different time zone. Sometimes, there are major delays in communications, resulting in a ripple effect on the project’s delivery speed.  

As an offshore/on-shore development company, we don’t face this problem, as we have the right people in the right places for you. Our people have a history of being prompt in their deliveries and communication, regardless of timezone differences. 

5) Team Experience / Industry Knowledge

The development team must be able to understand your industry in order to create the right solution for you.

When you start a project, you might have a clear brief ready. But sometimes, this brief can be incomplete from a development perspective. When the development team has the right breadth and depth of knowledge, creativity can flourish with the ability to make valid suggestions and solve complex solutions.

This leaves your business with the ability to dream, pivot and release MVP as needed. 


As an offshore development company that’s been around for 20 years, we know about coordination, communication and completing projects on time. We’re set up to be as friction-free as possible.

With us, you don’t have to worry about how your software will turn out because we have quality people completing quality deliverables. So be sure to keep us in mind and talk to us when you decide to greenlight your software upgrade or kick-start something new.

Co-authored by:

Dave Wesley ~ President, SRG

Aphinya Dechalert ~ Marketing Communications, SRG


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