I'm Not Mad

How do you align with your true calling?


Vance Larson CHt

a year ago | 2 min read

My inner circle is pretty impressive. I have some pretty heavy hitters among them. A few are published authors. I'm not talking about writing a little blog. I am talking about being paid an extreme amount of money to write. I am talking about selling millions of books that end up on the best sellers list. They are the last of a dying breed, in this self publishing world. 

I can recall in the early 90's, I was at a training when one of the trainers said," Not sure where I got this quote", then proceeded to use my quote during their talk. Afterwards, I spoke with the trainer and they immediately recognized me, and then apologized for using my words. They knew I had intellectual property rights. I gave them a hug and said, "I'm not mad."

Recently I was telling one of my author friends that story, and they said that in the literary world, that is a no no. While that is in fact true, when I'm on social media, there is no shortage of people stealing other peoples work and passing it off as their own. I'm not talking about stealing a meme from someone's wall. I am totally guilty of that. In fact, many of the memes I post are not mine, so please know that. But...I would never claim those words to be mine. That simply doesn't resonate with me.

Writing is a form of meditation for me. That is the real reward. But take that away, and I have already made a decent buck from my writing. I am happy in my little corner of my writing world. I give these words freely to inspire, or perhaps to get you think. It's never been about the money or the little notoriety that I have gotten. When I told my circle that, they didn't understand. I am just a hippie kid. The universe provides. That's it and that's all. 

I will say this in closing. You cheat yourself when you don't speak as yourself. You're telling the world that you're something that you are not. It's like being in a relationship, and having to live a lie. Sooner or later it will become exhausting for you. Live your truth and speak your words. I believe this will align you with your true calling. And to all these influencers who use the words of others and do not give credit, you're still influencing...and I ain't mad.


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Vance Larson CHt

I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years, now working as a Life Coach, case manager and consultant. My coaching services primarily focus on personal development, self worth and relationships. I'm also an author and write for several weekly columns.







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