The Importance of Personalization in Sports Betting Sector

Betfoc is developing a strong feature for its sports betting solution that will change how operators engage players seeking deeper and more rewarding experiences.


Swati Lalwani

6 months ago | 3 min read

Many forward-thinking Sports Betting Software Provider and their partners are focusing on the expanding use of client personalization in sports betting. It's no longer a passing fad or marketing ploy; tailoring player journeys and experiences to their preferences is now going deeper than ever. But why is it so significant in the first place, and what does the future of customization promise for one of the most exciting new chances in iGaming?

Why is personalization so important?

At first appearance, the online gaming market appears to be made up of interchangeable operators, all offering similar services. And, because the sector isn't all that old, the desire for distinction hasn't been as great as it has been in online retail channels, streaming services, and social platforms. In general, operators have sought to mitigate product similarities by focusing on pricing disparities, causing their profit margins to erode. Furthermore, despite widespread excitement for the online gambling sector, the cost of attracting new consumers from rival operators has risen as a result of market-wide, price-based promotional methods that include "free money" incentives such as welcome bonuses.

In the oversaturated game market, a pricing war is not a long-term feasible approach; genuine differentiation should come from other areas, one of which is personalisation.

Personalization standards have been rapidly improving in recent years as technology has evolved. It has progressed from a marketing ploy to a genuine source of difference.

Offering recommendations for games that are relevant to a player's circumstances and individual requirements is a critical component for the future of personalisation. Relevance drives a rise in conversion rates and transaction value, especially when that relevancy is handled smartly. Dynamic personalization can be employed depending on chosen sports, game schedules, device types (such as mobile or desktop), geolocation, time of day, and even real-time behaviour.

Benefits of Personalization

Customers want to be treated as individuals by the companies they support. As online betting becomes more popular, the best approach for Online Sportsbook Software Providers to differentiate themselves is to focus on creating a personalised consumer experience. Personalization encourages client retention, aids marketing efforts, and increases revenue.

  • AI- Powered Recommendations Cause Increased Convenience: Customers feel seen when iGaming providers engage in customization. People gravitate towards businesses that make an effort to demonstrate their respect for and expertise of their clients. This produces a sense of exclusivity, among other reasons.
  • One of the most important is AI-powered suggestions. Most online casino companies offer a diverse range of casino games, but each client has certain tastes. When operators make the most of the client data they acquire, they may utilise AI to anticipate what each player loves and will likely play next. As a consequence, by giving suitable recommendations, online casinos may enhance their playing time and investment.
  • Personalization Promotes Trust: It is no secret that providing a personalised customer experience significantly boosts customer happiness. When a player does not have to spend hours searching for the right game or can contact customer support personnel in a matter of minutes, it is only logical that they would remain with the operator who makes this possible. Furthermore, gamers share the word about it to their friends who are looking for an iGaming platform. Because referrals are the quickest way to establish trust, investing in creating a personalised customer experience assures a continual stream of new customers.
  • It Ensures Customer Retention : Referrals and client retention (achieved mostly through personalised customer experience) are remarkable for marketing, according to the data. Returning customers not only bring their friends and wager more, but they are also more inclined to forgive the operator for any difficulties or to test a new product or service that the operator provides.


Betfoc is developing a strong feature for its sports betting solution that will change how operators engage players seeking deeper and more rewarding experiences. In terms of the future of personalisation, machine learning, and AI are likely to continue to lead the way. However, knowing about the player is more than merely collecting data over time. Of course, data and betting pattern analysis may help in a variety of ways, but the future of personalisation will also require a more human approach.

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