Importance of Projects for coders

Building projects is really important for a coder and in this blog I will tell you more.


Pranshu Aggarwal

a year ago | 1 min read

A lot of times we learn new tech, practice a lot of quizzes based on the same and then go on to the next tech. There is nothing wrong in this process except, we miss the most fundamental step which is to Make Projects using that Tech.

Just to give you an idea of the importance of projects for a coder, let me tell the recent story of how I got into a club in my college for a web developer role. I applied as usual and filled the form with my basic details and portfolio site and projects. The next email I received from them is this 👇

You see, I didn’t even have to give the interview round and got selected for the role right away.

My projects were the only thing on my profile that helped me stand out from other applicants.

If you opened the link to my projects you would have realized that I don’t have hundreds of projects, I just have a handful of good projects. The only thing is that all those projects are unique and have a good reason as to why I made them in the first place.

Having a clear reason for a project is a must-haveout for any project to be considered good. Rather than wasting your time trying to make Netflix, YouTube, and WhatsApp clones, focus on creating new projects that haven’t been made before. It shows that you not only have good programming skills but also know how to apply them to solve real-world problems (a must-have for a programmer). Having 5 amazing projects is a lot better than 100 duplicate projects.

Quality over quantity any day!

Projects also increase our confidence in that particular tech and give us something presentable to be added to our profile. Showing some projects is a lot better than just claiming, “I am experienced in XYZ tech”.

Now, note down the tech that you are familiar with and start brainstorming some ideas (or get help from the net) and start implementing them!

Happy coding.

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