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The Importance of Writing Down Your Goal as You Start the New Year

When you write your goal down, you have a higher chance of achieving them than if you don’t write them at all. To actually see your goal on paper, helps reinforce your mind to achieve your goal.



5 months ago | 4 min read

This tip increases your chance of achieving your goal.

I have written in the past about the importance of writing down your goal. This helps increase the percentage of people who achieve their goals compared to those who don’t.

People who don’t write down their goals may still achieve their goals. But people who physically write down their goal have a higher percentage of actually making it happen.

Early this month, I wrote in this article that I wanted to double my writing income for the new year. I thought I would have to hustle to make it happen.

I honestly did not know what the new year would bring.

A few weeks later, I received a message on LinkedIn from a headhunter that I should apply for a writing job. I was on vacation at the time and naturally, I still agreed to the interview.

The interview was actually two days later, but I had to submit my resume and share a list of my articles.

The list feature on Medium came in at the right time. I sent a copy of my list and another page I created that listed my cryptocurrency articles.

This gave the company a good snapshot of my work. The portfolio had a majority of the articles I wrote covering investments and cryptocurrencies.

After the interview, the headhunter shared positive feedback from the interviewer. He was impressed with my investing experience and background.

About a week later, the headhunter gave me a call and the new terms of the offer. Instead of the 6-month trial, the company offered me a full-time job.

Starting off in 2022, I‘ll work for a financial investment company. My workload doesn’t appear to be as much writing but I’ll do a little more research and some editing duties in addition to writing.

How did I get here?

I’ve been a writer for a good part of my life. In an old photo album, my mom saved my first A for writing a paper in 1st grade. Even then, I never considered myself a writer.

In high school, I really didn’t like English class and grammar. English was a tough class for me.

While in college, most of my classes involved writing. I ended up taking a few more classes in English to focus on writing. Part of me felt I need to improve my writing since most of my classes involved writing.

I finished college with a minor in English and History to go along with my Political Science degree. All three areas involved a lot of writing.

After graduating, I joined the Army. In my second year, my friend worked in the Army as a writer for an Army newspaper. He gave me the idea to write some articles for the paper. Then I spent a few weeks standing in for my friend as the editor as he went on leave.

Around 2010, I started following Pat Flynn and reading his Smart Passive Income Blog. This really encouraged me that Pat was making an income as an online blogger.

It took me years before I ever made money as an online writer. Writing online seems easy, but it’s not.

As a writer, you have to understand your audience. This is the same as giving a presentation. Normally, you know who you are speaking to and you cater your speech to your audience. The same is true for writing online.

Writing goals down

I never took writing goals seriously until I was in the Army. In the Army, we had physical fitness tests about every six months.

After I did well after the last test in basic training, I challenged myself to do well on each physical fitness test. I wrote on paper what my goal was after each test and taped it to my locker or on my desk.

Forbes stated:

People who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t.

For me, writing down a goal has become a habit. I usually come close to achieving the goal when I have it written.

There were a few occasions where I failed. This was usually after I started working on a goal and then I realized that part of me didn’t like the goal. The end state of my goal either wasn’t realistic or I fell out of love with the goal.

Another reason for not achieving a goal could be what Brian Tracy wrote, “You’re not qualifying your goals.”

If your heart isn’t in it, then there is a good chance you may not achieve the goal.

Even though you write a goal down, you still may not achieve your goal. But the odds are higher when you write down your goal rather than keeping the goal in your mind.

Review of what you need to do to achieve your goal

If you want to start the year off right, you need to write your goal down on paper. Having the goal in your mind is great, but you should write the goal down on a piece of paper.

Dr. Gail Matthews ran a study at the Dominican University in California. With nearly 270 participants, 42 percent of the individuals were more likely to achieve their goals after they wrote them down.

Entrepreneur Grant Cardone writes his goals twice a day, once in the morning and once again in the evening.

I want to wake up to it. I want to go to sleep to it and I want to dream with it…I want to write my goals down before I go to sleep at night because they are important to me, they are valuable to me and I get to wake up to them again tomorrow.”

When you write your goal down, you have a higher chance of achieving them than if you don’t write them at all.

To actually see your goal on paper, helps reinforce your mind to achieve your goal.

With a new year starting, you’ll have a better chance of achieving your goal when you write them down.

What are your goals for the new year?


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