Important Factors to Consider in Cross-Platform App Development in 2021

Cross-Platform Application development is an important avenue for businesses and companies to build their business and bring growth. Dev Technosys provides Hybrid or cross-platform mobile app development services helping you make a stronger mark in your business-specific vertical.


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The innovation of mobile applications brings a significant change in our day-to-day lives. Almost every need including booking tickets for transports, ordering food or grocery to fulfill your appetite, etc. all can be accomplished through mobile applications. That is why they play an important role in our daily lives.

Cross Platform Application development
Cross Platform Application development

Today, there are more than 5 billion people who own their own smartphones. And the number is increasing at the rate of hundred million per day. As a result, with the increase of smartphone users, the affinity for the mobile app is also increasing at a significant pace.

Also, mobile apps have become one of the effective ways to take your business services to your users. Nowadays m start-ups or even established businesses are spending a considerable amount on their own mobile application. If you have a unique idea for a business, then developing a dynamic app to execute it can ensure your success. For that, you just have to hire the best mobile app development service available in the market. As they are capable enough to develop your application according to the requirements and priorities of your business.

According to Statista, the total revenue of the app market is around 940 billion USD. Plus, the outbreak of the coronavirus gives substantial growth in the user base. Basically, there are many types of mobile applications, which can be created on various types of cross-platforms. Choosing the right cross-platform for your app development can multiply your benefits as well as the demand among the users.

To know more about cross-platform development and factors to consider in it, please continue the blog.

What is cross-platform development?

Cross-platform development is the process to create a mobile application that is compatible with multiple Operating Systems. It is also known as hybrid app development.

Hybrid Applications
Hybrid Applications

There are many cross-platform frameworks that are available in the market. Such as NodeJS, Flutter, React Native JS, and much more. All of these frameworks are well-known for their various cross-platform development capabilities. And also their compatibility through various OS and hardware systems.

What are the benefits of cross-platform development?

Benefits of Cross-Platform Development
Benefits of Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform mobile app development comes with its own sets of perks and benefits. Choosing the right framework on the basis of your requirements can give you a better quality of the product. Here are some of the benefits that you can experience for choosing cross-platform app development,

  • Lesser development cost

In the cross-platform development process, the developers don’t have to write the code separately for every OS. As, the codes that are written once, can be used for developing applications for all the platforms. This process is called code re-usability, and it is one of the main reasons for lowering the development cost. The codes can be used numerous times so that the repetition of the same work can be omitted effectively.

  • Faster development process

Due to the ability to use the same codes on every operating system. The developers take around 50 percent lesser time to create your application. Not on the simple applications, the developers successfully deliver the complex application within the given deadline. This increases the efficiency of the development process and provides a better time to market.

  • Easy integration with clouds

Nowadays almost every application is integrated with various cloud services. As the integration of the mobile app with clouds can increase its performance. And the users will always go for high-performing applications. This is possible because of the various plugins and extensions, that provide enhanced scalability options. So, to ensure better integration of the cloud you just have to hire the best hybrid mobile app development company available in the market.

  • Better exposure to the users

Since the cross platforms, applications are compatible with both of the major OS, including Android and iOS development. You can expect a better exposer and a larger spectrum of the target audience. That you can enhance your user reach, and apply various marketing strategies to attract more and more users to your business.

  • Easier to maintain and update

The cross-platform mobile apps are comparatively easier to maintain than any other framework. This is possible due to the single source code implementation on the applications. Usually, after launching your applications, many users will face some minor bugs while using your application.

But hiring the best Cross-Platform App Development Company in the market can help you to push any update effectively. As the dedicated app developers are able to sync the updates irrespective of the OS. This saves lots of time, effort, and even money during the post-development period.

What are the important factors to consider in the Cross-platforms app development process in 2021?

While choosing cross-platform development, you have to consider some of the important factors. Gaining knowledge on these factors can help to use these frameworks to your advantage. To ensure that you just have to fic your requirements and hire the best cross-platform mobile app development services available in the market. T

  • Cross-platform app development usually creates performance-specific applications. That means if you want a better app with better FPS, these frameworks can be the best option for you.
  • One of the downsides of using these development processes is the framework-specific hardware. Although Xamarin is the only framework that successfully overcomes this drawback.
  • The app created through this framework has higher video and audio processing power.
  • Nowadays most of the business are using various ERP and CRM software for managing and generating leads. Here also, you can create applications by integrating their services in your applications.
  • Using this development process, you can also integrate the Google Maps service into your applications. This is useful for applications that offer delivery services.
  • Developing any applications on the cross-platform framework can be the best long-term investment. These apps are capable to ensure your success while with a larger spectrum of the target audience.

Conclusion- Cross-platform app development is one of the best app development processes in the market. As it will provide your application, which is compatible with all the major OS present in the market at a lower cost. Also, the applications that are creating are high-performing, feature-packed, and have a lesser time to market ratio.


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