What are the most important marketing strategies for a web startup?

Plans to implement marketing strategies for startip.


Shathyan Raja

3 years ago | 3 min read

As a Startup founder, your major focus initially should be on the Product & your Target Audience.

There are 2 Things :

  • Demand Fulfillment
  • Demand Generation

You need to understand your Target Audience & Create a Buyer Persona which can help you in a Long Run. Also as you understand your audience, you will be able to develop the Product based on their requirements and needs.

Strategies are same in Digital Marketing but only the Tactics changes.

So first understand what your Startup is focused on. Then based on it, you can use the Plans & strategies mentioned below.

When you understand your audience very well, like what they like, what they want, their Interest, Behaviors, demography, then you will itself come up with tactics to reach them to get visibility for your Web Startup.

Before you Enter your Marketing for your Web Startup, make sure you have done the prerequisites :

  • Install Google Analytics
  • Submit your website to Google Search Console
  • Install Facebook Pixel
  • Also Submit your website to Bing Search Console


Spend time to understand what Keywords, you want to Focus based on your research on how your target audience will search for their problem and how you can tap them with your solution.

For Online Marketing, Keywords play a major role. Choosing a wrong keyword & working on it will only make your work go in vain.

So spend time to take the best keywords to focus on depending on Search Volume, Competition, Cost Per Click etc.

Then get on :

Submit your Startup to All Startup listing Websites. This would be help you to get some initial traction & also some branding when your website is New.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) : Work on the on-Page & Off Page SEO so that you can rank your website for the keywords on top of search engine when a user searches.

Social Media Marketing : Create your Business Profile in All Social Media with your Logo, Description & Website URL. Start posting Creative, Unique & Engaging Contents which can connect & relate to your audience easily.

Blogging : Your Startup website needs to have a Blog, where you can write contents about your products, how it can help your customers, what are all current problems your customers are facing, how you are helping it etc etc. Provide more value to your customers & be found yourself as a Thought Leader over your Domain.

Blogger Outreach : Reach out to Bloggers who are into similar segment and ask them to have a review or a link back to your website or blog articles.

Influencer Marketing : Reach out to influencer in your Business Segment, either B2B or B2C and promote your business through them. This would easily act as Word of Mouth Marketing for your Business website.

Paid Campaigns : Once you have understood about your target audience well, then go ahead with Paid Campaigns to reach more people. Depending on your research, you should be able to identity which channels would be your right choice to reach like if your audience is spends more time on Facebook, then hit on it, if linkedIn then go for it. Also run Adwords for some keyword which has high potential of converting to sale.

Email Marketing : Do Drip feed email marketing to your subscribers who are actively engaging with your business. Keep them updated with all your happenings & send information which can add value to their business.

Q&A Answers : Get on to forums or Q&A sites like Quora and answer relevant questions which are asked by your might be audience. This can help you to drive some traffic to your Startup Website as it adds Trust & confidence to the visitors by reading your answers for his problem.

Press Release : Get onto market & let the world know about you. Be in the News, if you don’ have one, then Create. PR helps your brand to be always in the News, which is basically to be in the Mind of your target audience.

Content Marketing : Finally, All your Contents has to be promoted with a Plan. This is has to be a process set where very content posted either on your Blog, or PR, Guest Post, or even on Social media has to be in a Process of Promotion. If you can master the art of Content Marketing, then surely your startup will easily reach your target audience more than what you think.

Partnership & Cross Promote : Always try to collaborate or partner with some other brands which you think your target audience are using it and build a relationship to cross promote your Startup to their audience and their Startup to your audience.

Hope, you have understood something from the above to Promote your Startup. If you have any queries, reach out to me discuss in details to craft down your Marketing Strategy or Create a Marketing Plan for your Startup.


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