Important Ways to Use Instagram SEO for Social Marketing

Instagram was first introduced in the year 2012 for both IOS & Android versions. It’s a social marketing platform (Photo-Sharing Application) that has a large user base (More than one billion) & has continued to grow in popularity, which means it’s popular as other marketing platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn.


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Instagram was first introduced in the year 2012 for both IOS & Android versions. It’s a social marketing platform (Photo-Sharing Application) that has a large user base (More than one billion) & has continued to grow in popularity, which means it’s popular as other marketing platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

So, to reach all of those users and grab the attention (engagement) of users towards your brand, what would you do?

The Answer is very Simple — SEO for Instagram.

Is the same technique works for Instagram which we use to employ on our web pages? Yes, the same concept we apply to optimize our web pages for Google, will work on optimizing your Business profile on Insta too. Consider Instagram as a search engine, where you want to drive organic growth to your account. Instagram uses Python on its backend same as Google, It has a built-in search function.

Here, I’m going to tell you Important Ways to Use SEO techniques for Instagram Marketing to expand your reach.

1: Instagram profile Optimisation

First of all, you have to optimize your Instagram account profile for the best user experience. If you are thinking about only driving traffic to your account, without optimizing your profile for the best user experience, it will not be beneficial in the long run. So, What Steps you should take to improve your Insta Marketing Profile.

  1. Let users easily search your profile means make your account Public.
  2. Make your username simple and rememberable (Try to not use special characters)
  3. Register for a Business Account & Connect it with Facebook Page.
  4. Create the Perfect Bio of your business( Add Keywords in Bio.).
  5. Add your Website Link

These are the basic settings that you have to do in your account. Once you’ve completed these basics, now I’ll brief you on the technical stuff in the next steps.

2: Keywords and Hashtags

You’ve must hear about Hashtags or trending topics on Twitter. After covering basic steps such as Profile Optimisation, hashtag strategy plays an important role in getting searched on Instagram. Research the right keywords about your business and use them as Hashtags in your post because “right” hashtags can put you in front of your target audience. Try Google Keyword Planner (Free tool) for researching keywords for your business. By including a variety of post-specific hashtags, You can generate a good amount of traffic to your Insta account.

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3: Descriptive Captions

Avoid Copying content from other accounts, as your post will not get reached. Instagram algorithms work the same for content as Google’s, The new Shadowban algorithm limits your content reach, drops your engagement and if you regularly use this technique, your account will be primarily banned from Instagram.

Tips to create Descriptive Captions

  • Write descriptive captions with relevant keywords, Don’t do keyword stuffing.
  • Add a Strong Call-to-Action
  • Use active language & short sentences
  • Be Authentic
  • Add Value

 Avoid these black hat techniques

  • Don’t Copy content, write your own
  • Don’t use bots for fake followers
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing or Hashtags

4: Host Contests for Prizes

The market nowadays is very competitive, so to engage existing users and attract new users, you’ve to make a proper plan such as Hosting contests or prizes. Hosting a contest will gain you thousands of followers. Boost your Instagram influence by hosting a contest for prizes. As we know that Instagram is a Photo-sharing App, so always keep in Mind that Contest and prize should be relevant to it.

5: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new trend nowadays. If you are just new in the market and want to promote your brand and gain more followers you must approach influencers.

Influencers could be bloggers, celebrities, and popular peoples who have large followers. Influencer marketing has worked successfully for many brands.

6: Instagram alt text

Alternative text is referred to as Alt Text, it describes an image to the user, who are blind or unable to see the image clearly. Using Alt text in an image boosts your ranking and helps your post to rank better in the algorithm. Where to find the Alt text option? In Instagram, after uploading an image you will see an Advance Setting option just at the bottom. Just click on that and write your alt text according to the image you are posting. Once you’ve updated it just share the post.

7: Tagging

Tagging someone to your post not only gains their attention but also a great way to drive discovery. Tagging or mentioning gives you a vote of confidence. It tells people how valuable your brand is. It also helps in reaching more and more users if someone tags your brand in their post.

8: Track everything with analytics

Tracking can be fruitful for you in making decisions about your brand. Instagram allows you to get an insight into your followers( people interacting with your business on Instagram). Using Insights data, you can easily determine how optimized your content is for reach and engagement. These are the tips that you must follow to grow your organic traffic through Instagram. SEO is not only for website optimization, it’s also for Social Media Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. With each of these 8 strategies, you should easily be able to optimize your Instagram account for proper SEO.

We at Public Media Solution have Instagram SEO Experts who have a vast knowledge of technical stuff used in Insta SEO such as Content Marketing, stunning graphics, Advertising, Profile Optimisation, & Image optimization. Get in touch today to learn more about our Instagram Marketing Services.


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