In-demand jobs in 2020 for Canada immigration

Canada introduced 290,000 new jobs in 2020. Check the top five in-demand jobs for Canada Immigration


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Canada is the best country to live, educate and work. Canada ranks second in the list after Germany for best career opportunities, sustainability and economic growth. Apart from this, Canada offers an excellent quality of life.

If you are looking for Canada immigration either under Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), it is worth knowing the names of in-demand jobs in Canada. Please read the blog till the end, as we have mentioned the top five in-demand jobs in Canada for 2020.

The great news is in May 2020, Canada has added 290,000 new jobs in their list. Having the tenth largest economy globally, in the past 45 years, this is the first time Canada has added 290,000 incredible jobs in their list.

The Government of Canada believes that this will reduce the gap between the jobs lost during COVID-19 and the jobs gained post-COVID-19. The three Canada's provinces where the new jobs found in the majority are British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. It is the eye-opening news for the individuals who are willing to apply for Canada immigration.

List of in-demand jobs in 2020

Software Developers

Canada is progressively increasing in figures; techies' need has become prominently higher in the tech industry. In this particular occupation, the position is getting famous due to the subsequent development in start-up enterprises.

Major technology businesses are proceeding to gain Canada PR. On the other hand, to support this fast-growing industry, software developers, software engineers and IT project managers are the few desirable roles which this industry can't get enough.

Public Relations and Marketing Managers

Most people are not skilled in mathematics or science, so public relations and marketing jobs are easily accessible. As per the Canadian business magazine, the country becomes one of the world's leaders for business and entrepreneurship.

The specialist has to represent these organizations by developing various strategies. A 49 percent rise of individuals was marked in this field last year compared to the previous five years.

Engineering Project Managers

Canada's population is growing due to the high number of new immigrants and international students worldwide. The level of requirement for infrastructure increases in comparison with the previous years.

Engineering project managers have become more renowned within the year 2019 to assist, arrange and control infrastructure within the main cities, as they extend to accommodate the growing population and tourism.

Accountants and Business Analysts

The year 2019 was an excellent time to be looking for a job as an accountant and business analyst. These roles are one of the leading job positions which increasing the immigrant's interest in this field.

If you wish for the number crunchers which can help a business thrive while handling the financial aspects, then this kind of role could suit your set priorities and preferences for a job. Also, when it comes to owning during tax season, banks require every possible assistance as there is a high demand to facilitate filing annual taxes.

Hence, it's a great position to get your foot in the door if you're hoping to explore a career in finance in Canada.

As per the Statistics of 2019 in Canada, the country's economy was high. A sturdy downward movement in the unemployment rate was observed within 41 years of 5.7 percent, which was the lowest percentage.

The increase of the industries and hiring number of professionals was the main reason behind this cause; the professionals were supposed to assist and manage the company's growth at all levels.

Furthermore, the responsibility is to bring in new businesses and develop strategies that would benefit the companies' sales closely with new or existing clients. This kind of role is frequently involved in building techniques and relationships.

These are the in-demand jobs, but Canada welcomes individuals of various backgrounds and skillset apart from these jobs. The positions which are in-demand in Canada have the scope in every sector. If you have an in-demand employment offer from any of Canada's province, your chance to receive a PN will increase and then you can live your entire life in Canada.

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