Increasing Adoption of Agricultural Adjuvants Due to Population Explosion

According to P&S Intelligence, the agricultural adjuvants industry was valued at $3,106.7 million in 2019, and it will generate $5,485.1 million revenue by 2030.



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The global population is rapidly rising, hence the demand for massive crop production. Due to increasing population, and growing housing requirements with public infrastructure, the agricultural land is consistently reducing.

Thus, farmers to increasingly pressured to improve their yield production. They are required to invest in both advanced technologies and agricultural productivity to remain competitive and profitable.

Adjuvants can be defined as an auxiliary, used for enhancing the agrochemical effectiveness. It enables numerous modes of action, such as improved retention, penetration, and wetting. These are used for protecting crop products to improve the pesticide, herbicide, and insecticide effectiveness, and to enhance the overall performance.

Adjuvant additives include stickers, water conditioners, wetting agents, drift control, and penetrants. These can be used in tank-mix, or in-can formulations due to their great compatibility in various solvents, surfactants, polar, and non-polar compounds.

The global agricultural adjuvants industry is rising, and it is led by numerous factors such as rising investments in the agriculture sector, and growing agrochemicals demand. In addition, the population explosion leads to increased food consumption, which in turn, results in the expansion of the agricultural adjuvants industry.

The major companies operating in the industry are Brandt Inc., Solvay S.A., Evonik Industries AG, The Dow Chemical Company, Wilbur-Ellis Holdings Inc., and Stepan Company.

Therefore, the demand for agricultural adjuvants is rising, due to the rapidly increasing population, and growing requirement for increasing yield production.


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