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If you are new to the crypto industry, First you should know about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is nothing but a digital currency. In normal transactions, we’ll use fiat currency. But in the digital market, you can use cryptocurrency for multiple purposes.

In recent years, crypto crowdfunding platforms became more prevalent in the blockchain area. Among those, the most popular crowdfunding mechanism is initial coin offering(ICO). Initial coin offering is the event where people will raise funds using cryptocurrencies.

As you people already know that token sales have been done independently through ICO. this crowdfunding mechanism acts as a roadmap for Startups and entrepreneurs to raise funds.

Many people think that the terms ICO and Pre-Ico are similar. But it is not the case that it is the step performed before ICO. There were four processes involved in ICO they are preparation, pre-launch ICO, and ICO. Here the predominant step is Pre-ICO.

Come, Let’s begin

What Is Pre-ICO?

The pre-Ico launch is the token launch which is the step that happens before the crowdfunding. Ico presale is also known as pre-ICO. It is the token sale event that blockchain campaigns run before the crowd sale. To create attention and idea about ICO, Pre-Ico is performed.

If anyone participates in the pre-Ico launch will get tokens at a discounted price before the public sale. During the starting stage, the price of the crypto token will be very low. In fundraising, the fundraising and number of tokens issued are crucial. Because of that case, another smart contract will be additionally signed in pre-Ico. This smart contracting will prevent the mixing of ICO and Pre-ICO funds.

Pre launch ICO is very important to launch a successful ICO website. So Pre-ICO fundraising is also praised as reward-fundraising.

Differences Between PRE-ICO and ICO

Pre-ICO launch is one of the important ICO development processes. In pre-Ico, only a limited number of tokens will be available in the token sale before the actual ICO. So, the main difference between Pre-Ico and ICO are,

1. Only less number of tokens will be available for sales in pre-Ico whereas more number of tokens in ICO.

2. Only fewer investors will be allowed for pre-Ico and more in ICO.

3. The tokens purchased in pre-Ico will be received during the Ico only. So, after pre-ICO, they have to wait for some time.

4. During pre-ICO, the tokens which were not ready by technology will be held for sale. but in the case of ICO, sales will be conducted only when the token is ready.

So, Before the Pre-ICO and ICO, It should be done with the advice of the experts. So, analyzing the best service provider is much important.

Pre-Launch ICO Services

1. Whitepaper services

2. Well authenticated prospectus services

3. Technology setup

4. Availability of token development with wallet app for android, ios, etc.

5. Structured and designed dashboard

6. Proficient ICO customer service

7. Secured smart contract development services

Stages Of Pre-ICO

There are three stages of ICO performed, they are

1. Private sale

2. Pre-sale

3. Crowd sale

Eminent Reasons To Choose Pre-ICO

Here are some remarkable reasons to choose pre-Ico for your Ico business. Few instances are,

  1. It allows the financier to relate with new companies with less investment and more benefits. where new companies can get more financial support for their project’s development.
  2. If Pre-ICO is active, they can use their cash in expanding their team, advertising that, and can participate in ICO. so this method helps both the parties.
  3. If the fund raised in pre-Ico became successful, then it can be utilized for the project development, advertising, and marketing of ICO also

Advantages Of Pre-ICO Sale

  1. More concession will be given on tokens compared to Ico sale
  2. Purchasing of tokens is assured
  3. Here occurs the purchase of more tokens due to the price when compared to the crowd sale because presale is more useful for the fundraising firms
  4. The major advantage here is the token bought at concession rate during pre-Ico can be sold at ICO at the Ico token’s price.

On seeing those benefits, pre-Ico can be done for your Ico business

Concluding Words

A question may arise in your mind that where can you get the best pre-Ico launch services? Here is the solution. ICOCLONE is the leading and reputed ICO pre-sale service provider in the crypto space. We have been working harder and harder for the best and quick delivery of our pre- Ico launch services. We provide great support for startups and entrepreneurs to raise their funds and create their tokens quickly. So, to get the best pre-Ico services, get connected with our excellent team and skilled blockchain developers.


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