Instructions for creating NFT art for free for beginners

With NFTs taking the crypto world by storm in recent weeks, you may be wondering how to tokenize you


Lukas Wiesflecker

3 years ago | 2 min read

With NFTs taking the crypto world by storm in recent weeks, you may be wondering how to tokenize your own art or where to find collectibles

Here’s how:
1. Download MetaMask
2. Buy/transfer ETH
3. Register with OpenSea
4. Create your NFT

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Submit it for validation on the blockchain, and voilà…your own NFT is ready!


First things first: download a MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask is an online wallet with advanced dApp integration that allows its users to make cross-app DeFi purchases with its Chrome extension.

Write down your passphrase for seed recovery on a piece of paper, and you’re good to go.

Buy/transmit ETH

Creating an immutable record of your image is free, but since NFTs are transmitted on the Ethereum blockchain, there are gas fees for transferring and validating the token.

You can transfer ETH from your holdings to your new MetaMask wallet or buy it through the integrated Wyre platform.

Register with OpenSea

After looking around a bit and ruling out some of the more expensive NFT creation options (one site charged a whopping $1,500), we found OpenSea.

OpenSea is the “largest NFT marketplace” and offers a free NFT token creation service. However, the token must be validated on the blockchain to be transferable and “real.”

Create your NFT

When creating an NFT from a JPG file, you can determine how much commission the creator will receive each time the file is transferred from one user to another.

You can also add information to the image, such as hyperlinks, the number of copies to make, and secret messages that only the owner of the NFT can access.

Transfer it on the blockchain

A blockchain is essentially a record of transactions. Therefore, it stands to reason that your NFT token needs to be submitted to confirm its existence to the blockchain.

That’s it! Now you can create NFTs as joke gifts for your friends or create a masterpiece that someone would pay millions for. I leave the decision entirely up to you.

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