How Integrating Social Media to Web Apps Can Save a Company a Lot of Time and Money

No matter what industry you’re in, there are benefits to adding social media integration. Making your app more social helps build trust and increase engagement by giving users new ways to connect, share information, learn about events and participate in contests.


Varun Bhagat

2 years ago | 3 min read

When we talk about social media, we think about sharing your photos, videos and sometimes articles with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. But besides it’s obvious benefits, social media integration to web apps can save you a lot of time and money as well as improve customer support! In this article we will talk about why you should integrate your business website to social media networks and how it can help you succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

1) Integrating Social Media Allows Everyone to Get Involved

If your business uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other popular social media network to market itself, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use those tools as well. Anything that helps your business expand its reach should be used immediately. One great way to do that is by integrating those networks into your app’s settings.

2) It Makes Communication Easier

Customers love to be able to connect with companies using their favorite social channels. It makes it easier for them if they want to contact customer service with questions or concerns, because they don’t have to switch context by logging into another system. Social media is easy for them; you get an opportunity with your customers you never had before.

3) It Builds Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty builds customer relationships that are both strong and profitable. Because users will spend more money with brands they love, it’s crucial that companies take their customers’ opinions into account when designing new products or updating existing ones. If customers feel like they’re part of your company—even if you never actually meet—they’ll be more loyal over time.

4) It Reduces Marketing Costs

The easiest way for an app developer to attract new users is by marketing. Some companies will spend hours upon hours developing their own marketing strategies, while others will pay someone else to do it for them. Whether you hire a top web app development company in India or do it yourself, marketing costs money—especially when you’re trying to market through multiple channels, which almost always requires an outside source. By linking your social media accounts to your apps, you are utilizing one of the most effective forms of marketing available today.

Top ways to integrate social media into your web appaccounts

1) Customize Social Logins

If you’re looking for ways to increase customer engagement and conversions, consider adopting social logins. Social login integration means that users need only one username and password for all your websites; instead of having to use individual passwords, they can simply use their Facebook or Twitter account. Not only does social login integration encourage repeat business, but it also boosts security.

2) Boost Branding With Hashtags

When you post on social media, hashtags are your best friend. Not only do they help identify what your posts are about, but they also make your posts more searchable online. That way, people who aren’t connected with you on social networks (but may be connected to your brand) will find you more easily.

3) Integrate an Endorsement Tab

Endorsements from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may give potential clients additional confidence in choosing your products or services. With a simple step you can include an endorsement tab that promotes these positive comments. An endorsement tab gives users a quick visual reference as they scan your site for more information. This way they have all of their information readily available without having to exit your site, making it easier for them to make an informed decision about doing business with you.


Investing in social integration for business applications has proven itself as a huge benefit to many companies. This method of sharing information has proven itself successful in reaching more people at faster speeds, which makes it ideal for marketing strategies, customer support needs, or even legal or financial concerns. In addition, integration with popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have proven themselves effective because they have been used for so long by so many people.

Social media integration is a crucial feature of every successful app. If you want your web application to stand out & attract users, with the help of web coders on hire social media integration is an easy way to grab users’ attention and give them all kinds of fun new ways to engage with your app.


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