Education systems today are making desperate attempts to inculcate among students modern and technical knowledge which would be definitely helpful in solving modern problems. But this lone emphasis on a very limited version of human intelligence would entangle them to not let a holistic growth and understanding of nature and their being. What is needed is a true definition of what intelligence is, which is needed to be a continuous search and not work on mere imitation.


Ravi Khagad

a year ago | 5 min read

Well!! Since you are here to read on a topic that is probably the most contested and exploratory around every corner of the world. Some score highest in some exams and claim to be the most intelligent among their peers while others are good at getting things done so easily and effectively than others, who claim to be even more intelligent than the formers. Some write so many books on a single topic with expertise, and some are good at reading and interpreting bunches of books in fewer go and apply in the work domains. Coders can make problems so simplified with their programs and algorithms that are boon to solving materialist problems with AI. Artists create intelligence through different art forms and express the beauty of humans and nature. They do it through vocal, musical, kinaesthetic, theatrics, and many more forms requiring an intricate manipulation of bodily performances. Alas! These do not limit intelligence to humans only there are so many lives on the earth that respond to their surroundings with their intelligence.

If it is intrinsic then why is there a craving to be learned and found from the external mechanisms and methods? People are said to be intelligent if they have earned degrees from reputed institutions or are so-called smart entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians, reputed doctors, influencers, artists, authors, preachers, and many more. And the fact that the common people are searching and trying to learn intelligence by following them through different media. Well! It is not a hatred for those successful and celebrated people for the change that they have brought with their hard work and learning but more about going in the wrong definitions of how we humans are related to intelligence. The fact is that an infant is gifted with this intrinsic characteristic of the living being, human beings are the highest among them. We, as I am pretty sure that one who is reading this would be a human with linguistic intelligence unique to us, have so many ways to respond to nature and have a higher capability to solve the problems where we live than any other animal. The problems get created only when a predefined and distortly concluded version of intelligence is made to impose on others which always lacks many extents to meet the dynamic and real-world problems which have so many aspects.

Oh, God! Where the hell I would go if I do not follow those who have succeeded and would not learn predefined tools and techniques if they are not a real form of intelligence? The idea is not to negate them for what they have contributed but to see with our intelligence how they would have gone this much long that made to learn us what we are trying to learn now. It is very desperate that we want a concluded truth with which we would not leave a single leaf unturned to conquer and show the world what we can do. But the fact is machines are doing that job way better than us. We are meant to work on some higher level of endeavors and working which is unique work of nature.

What if I tell you to completely make your mind so empty that can conceive anything needed to be attended to, focused on, or solved? Now, this very task of making the mind empty is much easier said than done. Every second some thought hits me and compels me into an even longer amount of time to where it wants to go. Like some memory strikes me, I am into rumination, daydreaming, and whatnot? It's a complex work of the psyche, right? No, it is not but the fact is that we tend to make it so. And why we tend to make it so lies in the fact that leaving our intelligence we want to make something out of what others have implanted in our minds. We, being social animals tend to get influenced easily, it is all natural. Someone has gifted me their definition of good and bad, so I am all here repeating subconsciously throughout a greater part of my life. When I say someone, it denotes not only those among whom we live, friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and relatives but also, and that too to a larger extent, whom we idolize and start following from media. Well, this seems problematic then. How would I socialize? Cool down, it was not meant to be skeptical among whom we live, otherwise, this human civilization would become a hell to live in. Hehe. There comes a greater need for wisdom if you are choosing to go against everything, which is called nothing but stupidity. Also, intelligence does not grow only in the following but also in going beyond what we follow. And there arises the inner impetus which prompts our psyche to look into the problem with a freshness and it gets reflected in the highest endeavor of our human mechanism which lies nowhere but inside our human intellect. And it is very interesting to know that every book we read, every technology we use, and every revolution that has happened is a result of this human endeavor.

So where lies the problem, why the world is so chaotic? Everything we see is meant to be chaotic by its very nature. Human civilization had to come along a long way to reach here at this point through struggles of what not kind? Through obedience and disobedience of many concluded forms of intelligence. The fact that nature and truth tend never to be static and they always tend to change through different physical, life, and social processes it is only the intelligence that is so instantaneous to the demands of the present, living its past to the past and not letting future intervene for what has yet not happened. It is only intelligence that can help us to deal with this chaotic world. The supreme truth to which we all want to stick hard to does not lie somewhere in the midst of the jungle but we are the result of the greater truth of nature. So if you want to see the truth, feel yourself with the utmost honesty and originality. Enjoy not only the specific part of your endeavors with the motives from the past but with the freshness in the present. It is not to get caught in some mysticism but to be well aware of reality and nature with total attention that makes us intelligent.

Scientifically we humans are gifted with eight forms of intelligence. Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Linguistic, Arithmetic and logic, kinaesthetics, Geospatial, Musical and Naturalistic. These all are boon to what we have created today. Working on these all makes us problem solvers. But all these grow when we approach by what we are, a truthfully human. Then, intelligence grows on its own. And I swear, it's all an easy task until we do not make it hard.


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