An Introduction to the Parts of the Folder-Gluer Machine

A folder gluer machine is generally made using different components depending on its intended use.


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Packaging is one of the essential aspects of transportation of goods from one place to another. And the Folder gluer machine works as a great asset for the packaging industry. First produced in the year 1903, the folder gluer machine revolutionized the packaging industry and made the process much easier. This piece of equipment is capable of transforming a piece of flat material into a three-dimensional object, such as a box. Furthermore, these machines can easily make between 5000 to 12000 boxes an hour, depending on the type of material used. Folder carton gluer machines are ideal for materials such as,

· Paper 

· Plastic

· Corrugated boxes

· Metalized & Varnished boards

· Litho-laminates

A folder gluer machine is generally made using different components depending on its intended use. Therefore it is important to have some idea about the various parts that are being included in the folder carton gluer machine. Let us look at some of the significant parts of these folder carton machines. 

1- The Feeder

The feeder is an important part of the folder carton gluer machine. They are important as they feed the blanks into the machine. If not done correctly, the rest process will be carried out imprecisely.  

2. The pre Beakers

These parts are generally used to pre-break the creased lines. The pre-beakers make the process of folding much easier for the later processes. 

3- The crash-lock module

Mostly installed to the folder gluer machine that is used to manufacture crash-lock boxes. The Crash lock module is responsible for the folding of the bases flaps of the boxes.

4- The Gyrobox unit

These units can rotate the die-cut blanks at high speed, which allows single-pass processing. 

5- Combi folders

These are basically rotating hooks that help fold the flaps of multi-point boxes. 

6- The folding section

This section finishes the final folds of the product, ensuring that everything is done properly.

7- The transfer section

This section is responsible for ensuring that every piece is folded correctly. This section does a quick check and removes any faulty pieces that might be damaged or those that do not comply with the strict rules of the project. 

8- The delivery section

The final and last section of each and every project. In this, the products go through some tests to ensure there is strong adhesion where the glue is applied. 

All the above-mentioned sections work together to provide a well- crafted and strong packaging items that can withstand the test of time and can produce the goods they will be carrying. The entire process starts with the die-cut being loaded into the machine. Once it is placed in the proper position, it moves through different sections where machine arms work to fold the pieces, and then the hot or cold glue is applied to the folds. By the end of it all, the folded and glued pieces are placed under pressure to ensure that the final product is ready to move. 


The above-mentioned information can provide you with a good understanding of the folder carton machine and how it functions. One cannot deny that this piece of equipment can be of great help when it comes to packaging. If you are planning to kick start your packaging industry or just looking for a simple packaging machine for your personal business, you can check out various websites like SGM sales to get detailed information about the folder carton gluer machines. 


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