The Irresistible Automation of Talent Acquisition

More automation, more productivity


Dayam Ali Aslam

3 years ago | 4 min read

The automation of part of the recruitment process finally seems to be a reality thanks to the significant progress made in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning .

New technologies make it possible to automate tasks, to speed up the recruitment process and improve the quality of hires.

This is good news for recruiters. Even for those who fear that automation will replace them. We can see that these tools automate tasks, not jobs .

Technology accompanies the sourcer throughout the recruitment process and facilitates decision-making at the time of the final choice of the candidate.

More automation, more productivity

Recruitment steps vary by company.

However, whether they are spread over 4, 5 or 6 sub-parts, the first step in the recruitment process always remains the attraction of the candidates . It is decisive for the future because sourcers often do not have time to go through all the possible candidate profiles on LinkedIn or elsewhere.

The strategy deployed around the employer brand must therefore be effective in attracting a sufficient number of applicants to job offers.

Automated tools allow you to convert candidate leads constantly and generate a talent pipeline that naturally leads leads to the next step: applying .

McKinsey estimated last year that these technologies would increase productivity in the recruiting industry by 0.8-1.4% per year, just by building automated scenario models. It is dizzying!

The talent acquisition funnel can be mostly automated in its upper part. It is for example possible, once you have established the job description to publish the advertisement on a job board and to let the programmed system organize the following steps of pre-selection until your ATS.

Automated data analysis, planning, budgeting, targeting and distribution of job vacancies are then done without supervision. By combining this with a matching software the CVs are sorted and the promising candidates are automatically pre-selected according to the information given by experience, skills and other qualifications. child's play!

Always more Agility!

The automation reduces the duration of the recruitment process an average of just over 31 working days ( against 2 to 5 weeks with "traditional" methods ).

This time saving is a big plus in the tech sector, in particular, where Agility allows rapid growth.

In just a few years, we have witnessed the rise of chatbots , which were initially installed as simple plug-ins on a site and then become real HR assistants.

These chatbots can now exchange fluently thanks to natural language and are connected directly to the CRM or the ATS.

Other conversational tools exist via text thanks to machine learning, which automatically improve job descriptions based on interactions.

These modern marketing methods applied to recruitment campaigns are even more effective when they build relationships with potential candidates through the creation of personalized content ( Inbound Recruiting ).

Automation in Inbound Recruiting

In its most successful form, Inbound Recruiting is a way to automate a good part of its attractiveness, by going further than the methods described above, in particular by going to ZMOT. This "Zero Moment of Truth", moment of truth where the candidate makes an opinion on your employer brand even before the first interaction with a natural person of your company, is an essential moment of an ambitious attractiveness strategy.

Thanks to quality content, it is possible to act so that your employer brand is the most attractive upstream.

Then, using conversion tools like Landing Pages, Inbound Recruiting allows you to automate your generation of candidate leads .

Finally, the automated sending of emails ( Marketing Automation ) according to your Persona Candidate allows you to automate the nurturing phase, essential to identify the profiles likely to join you.

At the end of the process, recruiters will have mechanically qualified profiles, who have expressed the desire to be called back. Significant time savings!

Automate how far?

During the maintenance phase, it is also possible to use automation for scheduling appointments, thanks to a technology that identifies the best time for all stakeholders (sending reminders and re-planning if necessary) thanks calendar sharing.

Together, these solutions allow you to learn more about the candidates, the positions they are looking for, the fields that interest them and the skills they possess. Using data, recruiters can target and automate the search for candidates, either actively or passively - without even making a phone call or sending InMail!

The automation of the process is progressing and it is likely that its adoption will be widespread in the next decade.

The method of talent acquisition at the top of the funnel is decisive in the end result. By intelligently automating the process and providing relevant content to candidates, hundreds, even thousands of hours of work are saved each year, solely on attracting talent .

But the benefits don't stop there. By creating an optimized conversion tunnel, the quality of the hiring process is improved and the candidate experience is increased.

Potential candidates are more involved and easily get their questions answered, while providing valuable information for the database.

The company and the candidate are better informed, the recruitment process is progressing rapidly and the best talent selected is interviewed.

The middle of the talent acquisition funnel also benefits from automation so far unexpectedly.

Indeed, beyond saving time for recruiters, improving the candidate experience and streamlining the process, automation can help identify and eliminate possible biases.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyze many more criteria than those generally exposed on a CV.

Information on age, gender or qualifications is found to be "diluted" in the data stream. This solution is timely, especially at a time when pay equity, diversity and inclusion are hot topics!

Recruitment should leave nothing to chance. Automation makes it possible to find the best possible candidates in a short time. Why would you deprive yourself of these tools?


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