Is IVF available in Bangladesh?

If you want to know about Is IVF Center Available in Bangladesh? Don't worry In this article, We will explain everything about IVF center in Bangladesh that you should know.


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Is IVF available in Bangladesh

IVF also referred to as in vitro fertilization, is an ART procedure. ART stands for advanced fertility treatment, which entails successful fertility procedures to resolve infertility issues. Infertility is a disorder that can be brought on by a variety of things, including urban living, poor diet, being overweight or underweight, excessive exercise, drug or alcohol addiction, drinking habits, stress, and more. All of these things can have an impact on a person’s capacity to procreate.

Regardless of where they may be on the earth, all readers of this post will be able to access top-notch infertility treatment in Bangladesh. At the end of the day, we want to see everyone on earth enjoying being a parent to their child.

For those couples, we would like to inform you that IVF is one of the trouble-free processes and is easily achieved by the crackerjack hands of the fertility experts of Bangladesh. Some couples believe that unnatural modes of reproducing or undergoing fertility treatment can affect the baby’s health or the female reproductive organ.

In this article, We will explain everything about IVF center in Bangladesh that you should know.

Infertility Treatment in Bangladesh

Nowadays, infertility is a big problem in almost every nation, including Bangladesh. Many people think that women only experience infertility. But this is false.

The nation’s infertility epidemic impacts men just as much as it does women, therefore they are not immune. This issue affects about 50% of the male population in Bangladesh. Infertility has an issue, but there is also a solution. With the right care, this is an issue that both men and women can overcome. In this case, immediate medical care is necessary. For this, there are many qualified medical professionals available both domestically and abroad.

Regardless of their marital status, the infertility centers’ objective in Bangladesh is to provide aid to all couples who are unable to conceive their first child as a result of the underlying cause of infertility. According to a recent study, infertility affects more than half of the world’s population, and due to several factors, this proportion is growing alarmingly quickly.

IVF Treatment in Bangladesh

There are numerous IVF clinics in Bangladesh if you wish to undergo IVF therapy. I wish you well as you undergo IVF in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is very open and honest. The fertility specialists from Bangladesh don’t offer any inflated prices or hidden fees. The embryo is implanted into the female partner’s uterus after fertilization (in a lab) to establish a pregnancy.

Success Rate

All of the most cutting-edge methods for reducing a couple’s risk of infertility are included in infertility treatment in Bangladesh. One of IVF in Bangladesh’s most distinguishing and remarkable characteristics is its high success rate. IVF treatment normally has a success rate of 40% to 50%, but in Bangladesh, this treatment has a success rate of 60% to 75%.

Age Factor

We are all aware that a high success rate for IVF therapy depends in large part on age. If we talk about the success rate of IVF based on the woman’s age, females under the age of 35 have a success rate of 60–70%, and those between the ages of 35 and 37 have a success rate of 55–60%, and so on. IVF is more likely to occur if the woman is under the age of 35.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Bangladesh

IVF therapy in Bangladesh will be reasonably priced in 2022, making it accessible to any sterile couple without difficulty. Instead of having a sterility or infertility disorder, many infertile couples are unable to receive IVF therapy because of the high expense. The IVF Center in Bangladesh has introduced a new, more affordable bundle of IVF drugs for these couples. Let’s discuss IVF prices in Bangladesh.

Basic IVF treatment in Bangladesh costs USD 3,000 each cycle (250000 Bangladeshi taka). The entire procedure is included in one package, including fertility medication, blood hormone tests, ultrasounds, inspections, and the rest of the IVF process.

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IVF Treatment Cost in Bangladesh

Each sterile couple can receive this therapy without giving it much thought thanks to the reasonable package that forms the basis of the cost of IVF treatment in Bangladesh in 2021. There are many infertile couples who, rather than suffering from sterility disorders or infertility, are unable to receive IVF treatment due to the procedure’s exorbitant cost. For these couples, the IVF Center in Bangladesh has introduced a new and discounted package of IVF courses of medication. Let’s talk about how much IVF costs in Bangladesh.

Get IVF at a minimal cost in Bangladesh while receiving all the facilities and services from the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals. The total cost of IVF in Bangladesh is $250,000 when all costs, including fertility drugs, blood hormone tests, ultrasounds, checks, and other IVF procedures, are included. Bangladesh is completely transparent. The fertility specialists from Bangladesh do not offer any false guarantees or hidden fees. To achieve conception, an embryo is placed into the female partner’s uterus following fertilization (in a lab) using eggs and sperm from a sterile couple. This basic IVF procedure is the basis for estimating IVF costs in Bangladesh.

Donor sperm or donor eggs are employed in Bangladesh’s pre-IVF fertility treatment program. When a female partner is unable to release healthy, high-quality eggs for fertilization during an IVF stage, egg donation is performed. Donor eggs and sperm from the male spouse are then used during the IVF process. In Bangladesh, IVF using donated eggs costs USD 5000. Donor sperm is utilized to speed up the fertilization process in IVF when the male partner is unable to produce motile, active sperm. In Bangladesh, IVF using donor sperm costs $3500.

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Final Words

Many data demonstrate that Bangladesh is the greatest location for IVF treatment; there is not a single fact that suggests this. The fertility specialists at the IVF Center in Bangladesh are experienced in all infertility cases and have battle scars from every ART technique treatment. In comparison to other IVF clinics, Bangladesh is regarded as one of the most popular and chosen locations for treating sterility issues.

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