IVF: Changing Lives of Many

The process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has changed the lives of many by serving as a business opportunity and also by completing several families.


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The process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has changed the lives of many by serving as a business opportunity and also by completing several families.

Even in this era of 21st Century, Infertility is still experiencing a lot of orthodoxical and backward mindsets which has attached a lot many misconceptions to several aspects just like Infertility. This is why people of the society are still very much hesitant and unwilling to address their problem of infertility. The people of the society still view this and eye this to be something abnormal and are not sensitive enough towards it while they understand the concept of Single Parenting and Infertility to be strange. 


In Vitro Fertilization is a technique of Assisted Reproductive Technology for infertility treatment. In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) involves transferring the eggs and sperm together outside of the human body through natural selection for completion of the process of fertilization. The fertilization actually takes place in a laboratory under maintained temperature and under supervised guidance.

After fertilization, the embryos are allowed to grow for a short period of time before they are actually implanted it in a woman’s uterus for the formation of the foetus. IVF treatment is one of the most common and effective techniques available for improving the chances of pregnancy in women. This is actually a very effectual process and has really completed the families of many. It is a ray of hope that has fulfilled the dreams of many. 

IVF Technique is developed over the years and has been in service from the past two decades and is known for its success in India. The foremost step is to carry out all diagnostic tests so as to establish a comprehensive picture of the fertility potential of the patient. 

The experienced fertility specialists in the country maintain the highest priority in determining the cause of the problem so that the correct treatment is recommended and these fertility specialists leave no stone unturned to complete this process. When proceeding with IVF in India, the patient can be assured that the fertilization, development and selection of embryos for transfer will be performed at the highest level of professional excellence by embryologists of the country.


In an IVF cycle, stimulation and medication protocol are very important. There is a difference between failure and success. That is why at IVF Clinic they generally do not compromise on quality and use only the best fertility drugs available in the market from International Pharmaceutical companies. 


The country is equipped with best in class technologies and most of the IVF Clinics of the country features the state-of-the-art equipment and use an array of specialized laboratory equipment purposely built for the IVF centres. 


The cost of the IVF treatment in India is economical and helpful for unproductive prospective parents to discover the probabilities of a fruitful conception. These concessional rates of the procedure also attract the international patients which is a beneficial and business opportunity for the country. 


India has definitely seen an upsurge in the infertility levels of the people. There has been a 20 to 30 per cent increase in the fertility business in the last five years in India. It is certainly on an increase with the youth not focussing on their health and staking their lives which leads to hormonal imbalances and stress on the health of the people. 

To add to the problem, the complete focus of people on career during their fertile years is also a problem. These problems aggravate leading to abnormal sperm functions, problems with the delivery of the sperm, ovulation disorders, endometriosis, fallopian tube damage and even cervical tube abnormalities which eventually leads to the main problem of infertility. This is where the Commercial Business of Infertility in the Market intervenes making it a success in today’s time. 

Indian IVF Services market 2017.
Indian IVF Services market 2017.

Not only that the Indians are facing with this problem, but the Indian Fertility Markets are also hit by international patients because of the soaring success rates of the IVF Treatments. The Indian fertility markets are having exceptional success rates with 60-65% with best quality drugs. Indian Fertility Market bargains best services with supervised labs under proper temperatures and within affordable prices.

This increasing business is definitely going to cater to the ever-growing population.


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