Jake Paul’s Underrated Marketing Strategy

Calling him “just a YouTuber” is nonsense.


Matthew Enubuje

3 years ago | 4 min read

Jake may seem like a random guy who got lucky on YouTube and now thinks he can box because he knocked out an NBA player, and now Ben Askren…You’ve been deceived.

He accomplished depositing his time into the social accounts of Gen Z and is now withdrawing the rewards in boxing.

I’d go as far as to say he’s one of the most calculated marketers in our generation — here’s why:

Jake Paul Has Mastered The Art of Digital Anthropology

What do I mean? He understands the behavioral patterns and levels of engagement users express in the digital world. If the online world was a Sims game, Jake would be the one holding the controller and observing everything.

That being said, he’s a pro at incarnating himself as a celebrity in the digital universe.

Before the YouTube era, you’d have to become an actor, musician, or athlete that’s selected and sponsored by a major corporation to become influential — they owned TV stations or could afford to pay millions of dollars to advertise on them.

YouTube decentralized the process of becoming a celebrity, and Jake knew this early.

With YouTube, anyone can produce and host different forms of entertainment for free. Literally no barriers to entry.

Jake Paul’s YouTube strategy was simply this:

Do the same things celebrities did on TV to receive a following, on YouTube

Controversy, acting, music videos, gossip — It has now given him 20.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

He didn’t reinvent the wheel. He saw an opportunity to apply successful use cases on a growing platform.

But now that he’s entered the boxing arena, he spotted an even greater opportunity which was first discovered when KSI boxed Logan Paul:

Profiting From False Beliefs

There is a false belief that YouTubers can’t do anything significant in life because they’re known for only making engaging videos. People want the disbelief to be so true they’re willing to invest their energy and pay to see Jake lose.

Similar business model to Floyd Mayweather…

Jake Paul plans to capitalize on this until he becomes a household name but, there are 5 key things he does which is getting him there quicker:

1. Personality Amplification

Jake 10X’d his personality to the point you either hate him, love him or really hate him. You’d rarely find someone who feels no way about him.

That is a sign of a great marketer.

People like Trump, Kanye, and Oprah have that same effect where they can connect with people on a deep emotional level just because of how amplified their personalities are.

Jake just happens to be succeeding in the group of hated influencers, as he’s the no.1 most disliked influencer out there.

It’s uncertain if he likes being hated, but it’s helping him get results.

2. Paying Journalists $0/Word (Yet Keeping Them Satisfied)

Journalists make money from gossip — Jake Paul constantly gives them something to talk about.

He strategically does things that itch people’s nerves or causes them to react. It wouldn’t take 10 seconds for journalists to craft an engaging headline that isn’t clickbait. This is a paradise for them.

In return, Jake Paul receives free publicity every day of the week.

3. Creates Questions You Desire To Know The Answer To

  • How would 2 YouTubers fare in a boxing match? = $
  • Can a YouTuber beat an NBA Player in the ring? = $$
  • Can a YouTuber beat an ex-UFC fighter with just boxing rules? = $$$

See what’s going on? Jake Paul is creating momentum for himself by increasing the level of curiosity in each event. This is why his encounter with Ben Askren did 1.5M pay-per-view buys and generated $75 million.

Jake will definitely be banking more if he continues to engage with better competition each fight.

The problem with boxing today is most matches have no curiosity behind them. This is because the proclaimed best aren’t boxing their competition. Canelo vs. Yildrim is a prime example.

The best not fighting the best has caused a curiosity void in the sport, and now Jake Paul is capitalizing on it.

4. Positions Himself To Carry The Flag

Jake reignited the boxing vs. MMA narrative and claimed to be representing boxing leading up to the Askren fight. By making the event not about himself was key to having more people feeling involved.

He knows that 2 armies engaging in absolute war will always be noisier than skillful individuals competing with each other — the market for a spectacle compounds when people emotionally invest.

This strategy also worked for Conor McGregor. He brought Ireland with him to every fight and ended up growing exponentially.

5. Calling People Out

Jake receives free publicity every time someone responds to his call-outs. Nobody can resist the urge to fire back as he’s that good at getting underneath your skin.

And of course, he benefits when someone calls him out.

Heck, he’s even benefiting from me calling him out now:

Jake Paul, if you or a member of your team happen to be reading this, how about setting up something that’s never happened…

YouTuber vs. Writer

You’ve got the weight advantage, and I’ve got real wins in the ring. Let’s go!!

My Conclusion on Jake Paul: He’s Serious About His Legacy

Everything he’s doing is well calculated.

People won’t see it because they can’t accept that a YouTuber has other talents than making clickbait videos.

Many believe it’s not fair that Jake Paul can make millions in boxing because athletes have spent years in the sport and have gotten nowhere.

I’ll leave you with this:

Fighters don’t make money — promoters that box make a lot of money.

If you appear online, Jake Paul’s “read between the lines” success principles applies to you:

  • Turn up your personality’s volume
  • Take your branding more seriously
  • Be brave enough to take on challenges

Have a good day!


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