Jarkko Moilanen (Ph.D.)


Data Economist, Chief Specialist (Open Data Products)

Chief Specialist (data products), Data Economy Advisor, API Consultant, Country CDO Ambassador Jarkko is the Creator of Open Data Product Specification - and Open Data Product Initiative Strategy Group Chair - Jarkko is leading Data economy expert in the Nordics, and author of Deliver Value in the Data Economy book - as well as author of API Economy 101 book Jarkko is a long term API and open source community builder and passionate API Developer eXperience (APIOps) developer. Previously Jarkko focused on Developer experience and wrote worlds biggest open resource on DX - 100 Days DX - Jarkko wrote his PhD about "Peer Production economy - revolution in design, development and manufacturing" (7/2017). Currently pursuing 2nd PhD around the design driven data productizement process, which binds together data products and data strategy i

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates