How to Keep Moving Forward When You’re Between Jobs in a Pandemic

Rework Your Finances


Andrew Merle

3 years ago | 3 min read

It’s August and the pandemic is still having a significant impact on everyday households. While most people’s occupations have changed in one way or another, many people have lost their jobs altogether.

If you fall in the latter category, chances are you are struggling to make ends meet.

Figuring out how to keep yourself and/or your family afloat financially is essential as you look for employment. Fortunately, there are some practical ways to adjust your finances and boost your income while you are between jobs. Here are a few examples:

Rework Your Finances

The first thing to consider is how you can adjust your budget to help soften the blow of job loss. Take a close look at your budget for the last three months, and identify all of your discretionary expenses.

Many of these expenses can be cut, including gym memberships, streaming services, and gaming apps. Look at it this way: You won’t have to live without these comforts forever. The more willing you are to cut expenses now, the faster you will be able to regain financial stability.

Another expense that takes up a lot of room on many people‘s budgets is dining out. If you have been ordering takeout or delivery food multiple times a week, cutting back on those costs can make a significant difference.

Go Back To School

To prepare yourself for new job opportunities, whether in your current field of expertise or in a different industry altogether, consider returning to school. These days, going back to school is more accessible than ever. You can literally do it all online.

If you are considering starting a business or you are simply unsure of what industry you want to work in next, pursuing a business degree could be perfect for you. Not only will studying business management, management and leadership,

or marketing provide you with an opportunity to build upon and sharpen the skills you already have, but it will also help you establish your business acumen.

Educate Yourself

The web also offers plenty of other opportunities for educating yourself, whether you do it alongside or in place of going back to school. For instance, you can find top-notch books on any field and industry you can think of, whether it’s business, leadership, consulting, writing, web design, the list goes on.

Moreover, consider looking for tutorials, courses, and seminars online that can help you grow your knowledge and skills, and be sure to take notes along the way.

Try Freelancing

Being a freelancer, in its most basic sense, means that you work for yourself. Rather than working as an employee for an organization or company, you provide services to various clients of your choosing.

Freelancing offers the most flexibility and freedom of any job opportunity. However, it also means that you are completely responsible for your work, building your client base, marketing your brand, hiring people to help push your business forward, and so on.

When you are in between jobs, joining online job boards can often help you find a few clients to start building your name.

Look Around Town

Lastly, you could always hunt for jobs in your area. Ask around your network for companies or people who are hiring, browse community job postings, and look online for local job opportunities.

Getting a job at a local grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant, or any number of other establishments could provide you with a consistent paycheck to supplement your income.

This is a hard time for many households across the country, and that’s especially the case for those who are out of work.

Start regaining your financial footing by reworking your budget, consider going back to school online, and look for other opportunities to educate yourself. Finally, look into freelancing in your field of expertise, and check out any local job opportunities while you’re at it.


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