Killing Other Human Beings Should Never be the Answer

War is something that we should have evolved beyond in 2021


Ben Shelley

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War is stupid. Forget about the consideration that you are fighting for freedom or any noble thoughts, it is stupid. Killing other human beings should never be the answer. We should be able to discuss our problems and work towards a mutually beneficial solution, not send in the troops and take over. There are shades of grey, I know. If someone has invaded your country and threatened your family, then yes, you should defend them and your country.

I am more concerned with how it reaches the point of war in the first place. We should be living in a year where we are looking to advance the species not one or two countries above the rest.

It is ludicrous to consider that over millions of years we have evolved to solve our problems in the same manner as cavemen did. We have learned nothing and resort to violence when we are frustrated. Now, don't get me wrong, I have been tempted to tell at an employer or two and had scraps with friends, but I've never considered picking up a club and hitting them over the head.

What is the Point?

To gain territory. That is the primary reason for almost every war throughout history. The Roman Empire swept through the world to expand its borders. It conquered those it came across with superior tactics and numbers until it expanded too far, contracting to provide the world with the dark ages.

The Korean and Vietnam wars were fought at the height of the Cold War. Funded and assisted by Russia and America, with each side fighting for years, only to gain a few miles (Korea) or hold in long enough to rid itself from its American overlords (Vietnam).

For ten years the Vietnam war raged. Tens of thousands of people died. Both American and Vietnamese soldiers laid down their lives and for what? America ended up pulling out, Vietnam has their country back and is now a number one tourist destination.

More than 58,000 American soldiers, plus 5,000 allied troops and more than a million Vietcong, North Vietnamese soldiers and civilians died.

The examples could go on but the point is clear. In the long term, war gains very little, as if you wait long enough then friends will quickly become enemies.

The Alternative

See this world as a collection of humans. Not countries, beliefs, ideologies or genders, but as one species with a unifying goal to make a difference. To eradicate world hunger, support those who are vulnerable and push the species forward, developing new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

This is of course a very lofty ambition and could not be accomplished overnight. Change of this scale will take generations. Forgiveness of the past and desire for change will need time in order to push forward with effective change.

I would personally love to see the world move towards peace and acceptance rather than dominance. The strong protect the weak in order to lift them up, rather than choosing to conquer them. This is the future that I would love to work towards as it is for the children.

Being a Parent

It is something that I have thought about over the years, the turmoil of the world and is it fair to bring a child into it? Something that a friend has previously said he would not do, but I disagree. Whilst there are wars and turmoil on the planet, there is also hope for the future that things can change. By making the smallest change today, we can work for a better tomorrow.

I would hope that my child does not grow up to be a soldier but that would be wrong. I believe that my future children and every other child in the world deserves the right to choose. Choose their direction in life and whilst I would never cease in my worry for them, I would be proud that they are fighting for something that they believe in.

This is not to Say...

I have an enormous amount of respect for the armed forces. Their job is surrounded by controversy and whilst I do not agree with war, I respect the fact that soldiers are putting their lives on the line to protect that which is closest to them. It is something that I tip my hat and raise my glass to.

This Remembrance Day I took a moment to remember those that have fallen in defence of what they believed in. Not the politicians who sent them to war. I remembered all the sacrifice that has taken place and continues to take place.

A Final Thought

War is something that I will never agree with. Killing others merely for the consideration that you do not agree is wrong. It is something that we should have evolved beyond, yet cannot bring ourselves to put the knife down.

This Remembrance Day I paid tribute to all those who have bravely served. Those that believed in the cause they were fighting for and those that continue to fight today. I may not agree with the reasons why but I can appreciate the bravery and dedication of those who do, so I can sit behind my laptop and write this.

Nothing should ever take away from their bravery or sacrifice, yet the question remains, why do we continue to kill each other?


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