What Kind of Test Does a Gynaecologist Conduct?

Gynaecological health care services include a wide variety of tests, and you can find more details on this page about the possible tests that a gynaecologist can conduct.


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Gynaecologists have a very important role in the health care sector for women. Similar to all doctors, a gynaecologist also conducts screening tests and other forms of medical examinations on their patients as a part of the diagnosis process. This helps them to identify the health issue, along with its root cause and type. This allows them to offer a more accurate diagnosis and work on the treatment process, adequately. Gynaecological health care services include a wide variety of tests, and you can find more details on this page about the possible tests that a gynaecologist can conduct.

What is a gynaecologist?

A gynaecologist is a specialist in the medical sector who treats problems associated with the female reproductive system. During an offline or online gynaecologist consultation, they may ask a few personal questions, go through the patient’s medical history and look for any physical signs or symptoms of diseases. Following that, they may perform medical screenings, and examinations and suggest other tests as a part of the diagnosis process. After identifying the issue, they will discuss a treatment and management method, suitable for the patient. Gynaecological health care solutions are offered for a wide range of health issues and illnesses, including vaginitis, dyspareunia, uterine fibroids, PID, PCOS, UTIs, amenorrhea, endometriosis, etc.

What tests does a gynaecologist conduct?

Primarily, your gynaecologist will conduct a few simple examinations in order to learn more about your reproductive system and overall health. These examinations include a general physical exam and an external genital exam. Apart from these, your gynaecologist may also conduct or suggest a number of other tests in order to look for any signs of diseases or abnormalities. You can refer to your health care company to get more details on this matter. A few examples of such tests are:

  1. Blood test-

Your gynaecologist may recommend a blood test. It is a very common test ordered by health care providers in order to find out various details of your body, including how well your liver, heart, kidneys, and other organs are working, signs of prediabetes or other diseases, and so on.

2. Tests for STIs-

If you are sexually active, then your gynaecologist may give you a test to find any signs of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some common examples of STIs for which these tests are conducted are gonorrhoea, chlamydia, genital herpes, etc.

3. Breast exam-

On several occasions, a gynaecologist does a breast exam to find signs of abnormalities, like unusual lumps. These are done in order to identify any signs of breast cancer or other problems.

4. Human papillomavirus test-

Another test that your gynaecologist may recommend you to do is an HPV test. It is a type of screening test that looks for any signs of HPV, which is a major risk factor for cervical cancer.

5. Pap test-

A Papanicolau test or Pap smear, is a test where the doctor takes some cell samples from your cervix or vagina, and examines it under a microscope for signs of cancer or abnormalities. It is not recommended for individuals under the age of 21, so you don’t need to worry about it during your gynaecologist consultation.

6. Evaluation of fertility-

In this test, a sample of your cervical mucus is taken and examined. Based on the findings, the health care provider may ask for additional tests and reports.


Depending upon the symptoms of your problem and the general state of your health, your gynaecologist may perform or suggest different tests. You can get more details on this by scheduling an online gynaecologist consultation before your office visit, so you can be prepared. If you are looking for a gynaecologist online consultation or other online health care solutions, then check out the services offered by LivLong.


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