Get to know Angular: Debugging the myths

In this Article, we'll get to know what Angular is and we'll get familiar with the myths .


Sandra Kuria

3 years ago | 2 min read

For most developers, you must have heard about Angular, if not, what is Angular?...

Angular is a typescript-based ,open-source framework that makes it easy to build web applications

That was easy,right...

Well apart from Angular, we also have AngularJS

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based, open-source front-end web framework for developing single-page applications.Angular on the other hand, is typescript-based framework.

Unlike AngularJS, Angular is built entirely in typescript and used as a primary language.

Now that we’re familiar, here are 5 common myths about Angular that we should evade;

Angular framework is declining

This is not true. AngularJS is the one declining, not Angular. Currently, most AngularJS developers are switching to Angular since AngularJS is about to be wiped out.When this happens, developers will have to switch to Angular to develop their applications.

It is necessary to learn Typescript before Angular

Not really.Typescript is just a superset of JavaScript.One can actually write angular code using JavaScript.Angular gives one freedom to write code using ES5 and other JavaScript versions. therefore, it is not a prerequisite to learn TS before Ng.

Nothing will change after migrating from AngularJS to Angular

Lots of things will change during the transition. As we mentioned earlier, AngularJS and Angular are not the same. Therefore, when we move to write applications using Angular, that means that the applications will be mobile friendly,the SEO's will be easy to create...and so on.Moving to Angular fully will actually be huge accomplishment.

Angular slows down the application operations

The modular structure of Angular enables it to advance Angular's performance through lazy loading. Lazy loading is the practice of delaying load or initialization of resources or objects until they're actually needed to improve performance and save system resources.This way, it makes the angular application lightweight hence improve the operations of the application.

Angular is hard to learn

Learning Angular is not really difficult to learn. It is just like any other framework.Angular wraps the whole concept front-end development. For those who know and understand the OOP pattern and also dependency injection, then learning Angular will be a walk in the park for you.Angular is a framework for large applications, therefore, it can be overwhelming for developers, but it is not difficult.

Now that we've stated the myths and hopefully you're feeling more positive about Angular, Lets get to write some Angular code!!

see you in the next series...


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