Kolkata’s First-ever Stage Based Talk Platform: My Canvas Talk

My Canvas Talk is a YouTube-based talk platform. Which is the first talk platform from Kolkata.


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My Canvas Talk aim at bringing you the stories of these brilliant people who started something simple but with consistent efforts, changed and inspired the lives around them completely.

We at My Canvas Talk bring you these not-so-ordinary individuals from around the globe, with their extraordinary stories to ignite the same passion within you as they hold. These individuals started with something simple, turned their lives around with tremendous effort, astonishing everyone along the way. They believed in the potential they had, and now it's our turn to provide them with a platform to share their stories with the world.

My Canvas Talk is an initiative to provide a voice and a platform for such individuals who wish to share their story with the world. We also aim to encourage those souls, who might benefit from these real-life superheroes. \

This platform is for all those storytellers, who seek to establish a distinctive identity by helping people around the globe by sharing their journey.

In the light of keeping this real, we bring to you the most inspiring individuals, not only about the struggles, the failures but also about their persistence in efforts to stay on the ground. Aiming to rationalize the minds with positivity, about how life could turn around for you too, these individuals might just be the direction you need.

About this fast-growing startup:

My CanvasTalk is an youtube based platform providing a voice to the thousands of storytellers who seek to help the world by letting them in on their journey towards success. It started as a platform for the storytellers, who could share their journey and inspire souls around them.

But with great support that it received over the months, it now initiates individual from all around the globe to share their thoughts and ideas as well. We believe that every little idea, thought or story counts, and all it needs is the right platform to explore the possibility.

It is your space to share anything that you might find important or relevant and in need to be heard to the millions out there. We promote the value of embracing the person you have become over the years of hardwork and dedication and share your story at your platform, MyCanvasTalk.

MyCanvasTalk not only focuses on the achievements of these individuals but also believes in giving you glimpses of how they rose above their failures at the most crucial times of their lives. We at MyCanvasTalk want to ensure that the Power of Storytelling is spread throughout the world, not only to inspire but also to re-invent the inner potential of the souls.

We understand the emotions and the struggles which ignited the change in your life, and so we hope you share it with the people around the world too.

It is an initiative taken by Amar Canvas( a unit of ARDB Art private limited) which is managed and run by individuals who understand the importance of storytelling and how it could really influence the lives around the world.

We believe that the world needs more of these storytellers, to keep reminding ourselves about all that the world has to offer if you are determined to change your story.

We started in September of 2019, with the first performance in the prestigious college, HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Kolkata. And ever since, the circle of storytellers has been widening and motivating us to bring the best of us for you.

There is nothing holding you back if you are prepared to write your own story, and MyCanvasTalk is your platform to share it with the world.

Creators of My Canvas Talk:

The duo Mr Rahul Basak (Co-founder and Chief Editor) and Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das (Co-founder) are one of the most influenced entrepreneurs from the city of joy Kolkata. This is their 2nd venture after the ”Amar Canvas”.

Mr. Basak always believed in stories and the power of the storytelling he, himself is an international and national stage base speaker and also a guest speaker in various institutions in all over India including IIT and NIT.

As like before this two college friends are creating their remarkable footsteps on the journey as a Co-founders.

According to Rahul, “Amit is the person, who is more realistic and understand the most operating works in the company”. Looking in the stories of My Canvas Talk, they sure know how to tell and craft the stories.
Left: Mr. Rahul Basak and Right: Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das
Left: Mr. Rahul Basak and Right: Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das
How to find them?

Here is the details:



How to nominate yourself:

Other notable milestone from the organisation

The organisation is also, working in some of the major environmental factors, they recently launched “One Tree for Every One Thousand YouTube Views“ and their youtube platform already crossed 80K+ views in just a few months.

So that means 80 trees planting. This initiative is supported by an NGO called BakuliAids. According to the source, Mr. Das and Mr. Basak both liked to involve in different social causes.

Recently in this Covid-19 Situation, this organisation came up with an idea to deal with the covid-19 situation. They Introduce a safer way to shoot the video from the speaker’s home itself by the speaker. The organisation is also planning spread nationwide through this initiative.

At the end of the day. If you believe in the power of story than this startup organisation is for you, My Canvas Talk.


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