How to land a Freelancing job as a Developer

Landing Your Next Freelancing Job as a Developer: Tips and Strategies


Ricards Taujenis

12 days ago | 2 min read

As a developers we have an option to work additionally as freelancers and for me three platforms stand out the most for opportunities like the ones in thumbnail which are:

 Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork

I had the privileged to work for a short amount of time at Upwork here is how I set everything up and what I have learned.

Creating a portfolio

Registering is an easy step for all the platforms I personally prefer Upwork as it’s seemed most reliable and not as saturated as Fiverr or unreliable as Freelancer(with fake job gigs etc). One’s you set up your portfolio something like provided bellow(or better).

Applying for gigs

As most people who try to start at freelancing is tough as nails to receive an offer let alone be considered. Have applied for close to 30(would apply more but in Upwork you apply with certain points that are not replenish able) it was mostly grim. It’s completely different from regular employment at the same time the level of being ghosted 👻 after a couple of interviews I can confirm. 

You thought regular job rejections will give you emotional damage? Think again!

Speaking of the devil got a proposition while writing this blog. Even but i know there is a high likelihood of getting ghosted 👻 reality of it.

 Steps to take

If I where you and living in in first or second world country would advice to learn manual work like carpenting, electrician, plumber as these jobs are slowly increasing in demand and chatGPT won’t replace you. 

Personally I am thinking how to make a living out of tech as flexing on LinkedIn about being full-stack doesn’t really do me any good just feeding own ego.

But if you are really eager to take this path be patient and don’t expect anything.

  1. As mentioned setup accounts in Upowork, Fivver, Freeelancer
  2. Professional networks : LinkedIn/Xing is a great platform to connect with potential clients. Social medial platforms like Twitter, Facebook can as well help
  3. Personal website: As it creates credibility and attract possible clients
  4. Referrals: Networking with other developers and asking for referrals can lead to possible new opportunities.

In a nutshell it is getting more difficult to stand out and having a side hustle in freelancing, but in current high layoffs diversity is something that we should aim for to adapt to situations that may arise. 

I per say worked as a freelancer for a short while had one gig for just a month and other didn’t accept as started a new job. It is quite time constraint and they ask a LOT to be done in a short amount of time. But it’s always good to dive in and try if it’s meant for you.

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