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First phase of 2,400-bed Amrita Hospitals in Faridabad, Amrita Hospital Faridabad Phone Number +91 9654030724 a jumbo facility spread over 133 acres of land and touted as India's largest private hospital, is set to become operational this August with 500 beds. With a total built-up area of 10 million square feet, the sprawling facility is under construction since 2016.


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The first phase of 2400-bed Amrita Hospitals in Faridabad, Amrita Hospitals Faridabad Phone Number +91 9654030724 A jumbo facility spread over 133 acres of land and known as India's largest private hospital, was commissioned this August with 500 beds Will go Ready. With a total built-up area of ​​10 million square feet, the sprawling facility has been under construction since 2016.

The total project cost for the jumbo facility is estimated to be over Rs 2,000 crore and the medical college attached to it will annually accommodate 150 MBBS students and 100 postgraduate (MS/MD) students.

Importantly, the hospital with 534 critical care beds will also have the largest intensive and critical care unit in the country.

This is the second large-scale Amrita hospital in India after the 1,200-bed center in Kochi, Kerala, which was established 25 years ago by Mata Amritanandamayi Math, a spiritual and humanitarian organisation.

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"When we set out to set up the hospital, the idea was not to come up with the largest private hospital in India," said Dr Prem Nair, Group Medical Director, Amrita Hospitals, at the hospital's pre-launch event in June. 16, “But as we also focused on building an academic and research center for doctors and allied health professionals, the facility turned into a bigger project.

The largest private hospital in India, Amrita will boast of world-class specialized hospitals and centers for advanced treatment of neurological disorders, women's health, orthopedics and cardiovascular care. Amrita also has an All Women Cardiothoracic Center and Neuroscience Center.

“After seeing the feature during preview days in June, I was really curious. It was truly an example of excellence and modern healthcare tailored to the needs of the patient and doctors. Anjali Khosla, a resident doctor at a private hospital in Mumbai, said that when she was here recently for a fellowship program, I liked the hospital's patient-friendliness and how the patient's needs came first.

When people hear about convenience, they are usually attracted to the shape, Dr. Nair said. "Some may be impressed by the scale and complexity of the hospital, while others may prefer the facilities and facilities," he said.

The hospital offers an integrated spectrum of clinical and allied health services that focus on treating patients. With an international patient base and state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital is a vital link between patients, doctors, allied health professionals and the university.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is the first medical college in the world built around an academic health centre. While the Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke offers postgraduate residency programs, the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences offers medical, residency, nursing and paramedical post-graduate training programs. Women and Child Health Center is a postgraduate medical and nursing institution to educate, counsel and treat women and children. The Center for Perioperative Care in Surgical Oncology has a residency program to train nurses in the management of postoperative cancer patients. The hospital has several medical departments to train doctors.

The hospital has a range of specializations including neurology and mental health; surgery, orthopedics, and trauma; oncology, cardiac and thoracic; and Gastroenterology. It also offers a full emergency room and neonatal intensive care unit.

Dr. Nair said that in all, there are about 25 specialties and 200 residency programmes. Each department of the hospital has its own research, and in turn the hospital has a research laboratory.

Dr Nair said, “We are here to care for and support patients with state-of-the-art technologies that can help and care for patients to the best of our abilities.” "In a way we will be able to touch people's lives in the most unique way."

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