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Launch your dream NFT marketplace with white-label NBA Top Shot Clone

NBA Top Shot firm Dapper Lab's valuation exceeds $7.5 billion over three years with the huge demand for NFTs. Fall in the trend by shaping your own NFT marketplace like NBA Top Shot.


Daniel Jacob

4 months ago | 1 min read


NBA Top Shot Clone Script is a ready-to-go NFT Marketplace solution that is built on the Blockchain network. It is filled with the most requisite features ensuring a seamless trading experience. This NFT trading platform could be deployed within the shortest possible time with necessary customizations. 

This would be an apt solution for those who want to leap into the NFT verse instantly by launching their trading platform. Yes, of course, this would be beneficial and bring benefits in every possible aspect and a budget-friendly & quickest way compared to creating it from scratch. Let’s catch a glimpse of the general features and typical functionality of the NBA Top Shot Clone in this informative blog.

Here’s The Functionality Of The NBA Top Shot Clone Script

The functionality of the NBA Top Shot Clone Script would be the same as the NFT marketplace. Here, we see the general workflow of it.

  • The enthusiasts should signup with the NBA Top Shot Clone with the necessary details. This is the first step to get started with. 
  • Once done with the initial registration process, the platform users have to proceed with the verification process. It includes KYC verification, etc.
  • After this, they could see the available non-fungible tokens related to sports on the marketplace.  
  • Once they have chosen the digital items, they have to continue with payment transactions. They could opt for one from the available options, including debit cards, credit cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Thereafter, the buyers could showcase their NFTs on the marketplace. And, these could be bought by other users. The notable thing is there would be no fees charged for listing their digital items.

A List Of Remarkable Features In The NBA Top Shot Clone

The typical functionality of the NBA Top Shot Clone is determined on the basis of the inclusion of the features integrated. Below is a list of salient features.

  • Storefront
  • Integration of Wallets
  • Package Drops
  • Waiting Room
  • Guide
  • Challenge
  • Multilingual Support & Multi-currency Support


Undoubtedly, utilizing an NBA Top Shot Clone Script for developing the NFT marketplace would be an excellent option. This is because it is readily available for deployment at a reasonable price.


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Daniel Jacob








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