How Lead Generation will Look in 2021

It is not an easy task to generate leads, and we get that. But it is equally important to have good


Erric Ravi

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Technology has transformed the way we were marketing and promoting our products and services. Generating leads, hence, has become a core objective of marketers. Marketers use a wide range of gambits to stimulate and encourage their leads, but it is also true that most of them still maintain that generating a lead is a task that is highly dependent on high-quality sales-ready leads. In the current economic scenario, marketers are looking for accountable and scalable channels and the return on investment (ROI).

What is meant by Lead Generation?

Consumer behaviour evolves significantly over time, and so does the exercise of lead generation. Thus, it's vital to reinvent the lead strategies and take advantage of the changing technology and consumption pattern trends.

Lead generation is the process of attracting and pulling traffic to your site and getting them intrigued in your products. Once you turn your potential customers into leads and convince them to provide their information. It is also one of the most cost-effective and assessable methods to identify and track prospective customers. The key is to get the customers' contact details who have shown interest or asked for information for the product or service.

Here are some of the lead generation trends that will dominate 2021.

Buyer Intent Data

Considered as the future of lead generation, buyer intent data captures the extent of business prospects by tapping useful buyer information much before any takes place. It provides awareness about consumer behaviour which can be later used to boost sales by helping marketers personalise information to attract them. Try to use the data from your website rather than going for general data for the industry.

Align Sales and Marketing

Often overlooked but a crucial aspect of ensuring strong leads is a good relationship between sales and marketing. It results in improved communication directed to generate higher revenue, using similar yardsticks and understanding customer needs and the challenges faced by these two departments.

Customer-centric Marketing

We know you have heard it multiple times that the customer is the king. And guess what? It still stands true. As the competition gets fierce, and the internet is cramped, concentrating on customer needs will produce the right leads. Hence, personalised marketing will become essential than ever.

Video Marketing

It is now clear as the sun that video marketing is rapidly taking over all other forms of e-commerce marketing. Videos are an accurate tool to drive engagement and retain the product in the memory of the customer. Today, when the internet is flooded with content, videos ensure that the traffic stops on the site and absorbs the data in a re-collectable way. This, in turn, helps in influencing this traffic into potential buyers.


Automation is going to take lead generation to new heights. Chatbots can solve customer issues, direct them to the right pages and products, while other technologies like tool integration can encourage leads through retargeting and email campaigns.

It is not an easy task to generate leads, and we get that. But it is equally important to have good leads to ensure a thriving business. Choosing an experienced digital agency is definitely an excellent way to go about it. #arm worldwide is a new-edge digital growth marketing agency that has done some outstanding work in the online arena. They also have a vibrant team that provides a fresh take to organic growth strategy, PR, content marketing, SEO, etc. So, if you are worried about your site's lead generation, #arm is the answer for you.


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