How Lead poisoning affects kids?

Lead is a harmful element that can accumulate inside kids' bodies. Even in small amounts, it can affect the young brains of kids


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Lead is a harmful element that can accumulate inside kids' bodies. Even in small amounts, it can affect the young brains of kids, affecting their overall development and health. Children under the age of 6 are most likely to get sick from lead. This is because they put their fingers and non-food things in their mouths. In this blog, there are ways you can protect your child from lead poisoning and how it can be treated.

How to treat and prevent

The most crucial therapy is removing the lead source from your kid! If lead is present in the house, your kid should not come in contact with anything until the lead dangers have been eliminated or the child's access to the lead has been restricted.

Check your child's environment for any lead sources. The health department may visit your house to assist in locating its source. They will advise you on what has to be done to keep your home secure.

Some children with severe lead poisoning may need medication to help eliminate lead from their blood. Medicine is used in EDTA chelation therapy oral dosage to remove lead from the blood. The number of chelation treatments and the kind of drug your kid need is determined by two factors:

  • how much lead is present in the body
  • how effectively the kid reacts to the medication

Some youngsters need merely EDTA chelation therapy oral dosage, while others require injections. However, you must contact your physician before administering any medicine to your kid.

Chelation therapy in Canada is considered to be highly effective against metal poisoning. If your doctor has recommended it for your kid, it is important to complete the treatment. If therapy is not finished, lead levels may remain elevated.

Good nutrition for good health

It is very important to eat well. Children with lead poisoning often have low blood counts. This means they aren't getting enough iron. The body will take in more lead the less iron it has.

Foods high in iron, protein, vitamin C, and calcium are good for kids to eat. Together, foods with iron and vitamin C help the body absorb more iron. This protects the blood from the accumulation of lead.

Foods high in calcium stop the body from absorbing lead into the blood.
If you are looking for a practitioner who can do
Chelation therapy in Canada, you can search online and find the best one per your requirements. But be sure to consult a valid doctor before making a decision.


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