Leadership In Character

Leadership has to be exhibited through character, not by mere words.



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I have heard you all, all these years. I accepted it even though I never agreed. If men are truly head of their wives, and such great leaders as we claim, then where are the footmarks in our homes, among women we called buddies, at work and in our communities.

I am asking because if our intelligence is all the brutality and the wounds carried by women we claim to love, then, the best thing is, men, please pack off.

If any woman, obsessed by men's failures become a devil as a sign of revenge, you have added nothing to life. You are just repeating the language spoken by men.

Men, any man whose prowess is shown by beating and battering women, and by abusing women, you are not just a coward, you are just a beast, and there is no way beasts can be allowed to manage or lead humans.

I will recognize your leadership just in few instances:

The way you discuss women when we are just alone as men

When I see your children

The way to perceive your wife, ex girlfriend or any woman

This is a clear checklist for me to determine true leaders in men.

Conclusively, we have to agreed that women are meant to be loved. Love is the greatest commandment in the Bible, Koran, and among many religions including the religion of atheism.

If love carries such great power, then, we have solved the problem of any form of violence against women. If any man still behaves contrary to loving women, then, we already know that such a man is unfit to be or claim the ego that goes with manhood.

Remember, love is the greatest tenet.


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