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Management was born from the ancient art of the division of labor.


Thejus Chakravarthy

3 years ago | 1 min read

Management was born from the ancient art of the division of labor. Management is the math and science around coordinating people’s outputs.
It is the logic behind X people weaving fishing nets to produce Y nets per hour

Leadership came from the creation of society, when words replaced force. It is the art of convincing people to work harder and longer. It is conversation and the fine art of propaganda.
Leadership is the art behind mobilizing a workforce to work past the job description and to help them see how their work is for the greater vision.

Management requires knowledge of process, technology, and people.
Managers need to see multiple processes and turn them into a workflow.
Managers need to understand technology can help or harm.
Managers need to address psychological variables, for motivation and for control.

Managers focus on strategy and tactics, data and metrics.

Leadership requires knowledge of language, behavior, and empathy.
Leaders need to craft their statements and practice their speeches.
Leaders need to control their body language to alter the non-verbal parts of their communication.
Leaders need to interpret the feelings of people so that they can manipulate them.

Leaders focus on vision and ideals, emotions and intents.

A poorly managed team will fail.
A well managed team will succeed.

A poorly led team might fail.
A well led team might succeed.

You can manage your way out of a leadership problem.
You can’t lead your way out of a management problem

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