Learn and Explore Low-Code / No-Code Stack by Involving in These Communities

No-Code /Low-Code is a new trend in tech and you can master this new tech by involving in communities.


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Learn and Explore Low-Code / No-Code Stack by Involving in These Communities

I am pretty sure you all are familiar with full-stack, MERN stack, and many similar tech stacks related to development. But I will not talk about it because lots of content are already there. I am going to tell you about the “No-Code /Low-Code stack” a new trend in tech and how you will master this new tech by involving in related communities.

What is Low-Code / No-Code Stack?

This tech stack is nothing but a complete knowledge of Low-Code / No-Code tools and platforms for different stages or processes of software development. Like planning, designing, building, deploying, and launching a fully functional product. It’s a new trend, many developers are working in this field and new platforms are coming around low code like Notion or Zapier. If you are not from a tech background and do not want to go deep with coding, You can consider learning this low-code / no-code tech stack and make wonders happen.

If you don’t know about low-code / no-code. Read my article about it. Here
If you want to know about some low-code / no-code tools and platforms. Read my article about it. Here

Explore Low-Code / No-Code Stack by Involving in These Communities

As you know communities are very important in the tech world, as it helps in many ways. Communities are the best place to find the right solution, You will learn about the true meaning of networking, which goes beyond just following each other on Twitter and connecting on LinkedIn. Communities also help in boosting your capacity for technological proficiency and many more good things. Like finding jobs and helping you in choosing the right step. Communities can be free or paid.

Let’s see some good low-code / no-code communities.

1. 100 days of No Code

100 Days of No Code is a global collective of no-code learners. People from many backgrounds have gathered in this location to learn, connect, and share their knowledge. It has more than 5,000 learners who are bringing their ideas to life. In just 30 minutes a day, you can learn how to use no-code from scratch with the help of some entertaining and helpful bite-sized courses. Both free & paid memberships are available.

2. NoCodeDevs

The largest collection of no-code tools, applications, and resources available. In the NoCodeDevs community, business owners may find fresh tips and methods for implementing their ideas without writing code and connect with other makers to assist one another in the creation process. Join this community of 20,000+ non-tech founders, 300+ tool directories, and 150+ tutorials. Live workshops and events are also organized.

3. Makerpad

Ben Tossell founded the Makerpad community in 2019, and it is dedicated to providing no-code education for creating applications and websites, managing online businesses, and automating operations without writing code. Makerpad is free to sign up for, but in order to access premium features, you must buy a membership plan. Members of the Makerpad community can also make their professional profiles public to draw clients looking for specialized assistance with their no-code projects.

4. NoCodeFounders

This is a well-known online network for innovators, makers, solopreneurs, and business people without technical backgrounds. More than 13,000 people are involved. Members take part in online gatherings and activities where they make new relationships and get knowledge about the best no-code platforms. You must pay a one-time cost of $99 to sign up as a premium user. Access to the Slack community, filter unlocks, exclusive tutorials and benefits with unmatched insights into the no-code landscape are all included with membership.

5. Webflow Community

Connect with the 75,000+ members who are developing the future of visual development and contributing to Webflow. Connect with entrepreneurs, product and project managers, business owners, designers, founders, marketers, and developers from businesses of all sizes and sectors. Webflow is a low-code website builder.

6. Nucode

Nucode is a community of makers and inventors. There are almost 7000 members in total. You can learn to use tools like Webflow, Glide, and Bubble for nothing! Together, anyone can grow and learn in this amazing space. Your fellow creators can offer you suggestions based on their experience as you submit your knowledge. You can set a challenge for other non-coders to create apps for challenging situations in order to promote a sense of competition in addition to learning.

7. No-Code Alley

Citizens who are no-code developers can connect on a discussion board set up by No-code Alley to solve their business issues. You can discover the top no-code products, their applications, and helpful hints. Additionally, there are specific forums like Stack Overflow where you can post specific queries and get responses from other non-coders.

8. Nocode HQ

The Nocode HQ community provides a network where developers can talk about problems facing the industry and work together to find innovative solutions. The learning environment provided by the platform includes step-by-step lessons, templates, and expert sessions. You can connect with people who are creating similar items to gain assistance and feedback by hosting a network with social media capabilities.

Joining is free, and it gives you access to a few resources and a place in the community. In addition, you can choose premium membership by paying a monthly charge of $29 for it. You get access to limitless tutorials, premium templates, and cost-free Nocode sessions with a premium membership.

9. NoCodeList

The tools and resources needed to build your own no-code product are all collected in one place by No Code List. No Code List also includes No Code Agencies that can assist you in creating no-code goods or services. Numerous other no-code forums, channels, blogs, tutorials, courses, websites, etc. are included in their Resources area. If you sign up, four new tools will be delivered to your inbox every Friday.

10. Codem4p

Clients looking to hire specialists, companies, and independent freelancers can connect through this network. If you are a no-coder looking to work for respected businesses, this is the place for you. You can also interact with your peers, present your work, learn, and get feedback. You also gain access to premium events, professional resources, expert sessions, and discussions about various tools.

Hire the best personnel for automation, no-code, low-code, and remote work. Develop software up to 10 times faster, automate tasks, and launch it in a few of weeks by learning no-code.

I hope you find this article helpful! If you know some other communities, let me know on Twitter.

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