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Ideas for young people to ease anxiety and find purpose during the pandemic.


Nandita Abraham

3 years ago | 3 min read

The lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak has created a significant shift in our lifestyles. While we are learning to adapt newer ways of living, many of us are also struggling to fight with uncertainty, anxiety, and loneliness.

If you were gearing up to begin your college life, you might be worried about what lies ahead. Also, some of you must miss your campus life and your friends.

Institutions are putting their best foot forward to ensure that the education of their students continues in the best possible manner.

From online classes to personalized mentoring sessions and even virtual live concerts, institutions are trying to keep students engaged and productive.

However, students also have an essential role to play when it comes to taking care of their mental health and overcome issues related to anxiety and stress. Here are the few things that students should strive for while coping up with the lockdown.

Be Kind to yourself

This time will pass, and things will get back to nearer normalcy soon, so don’t get too stressed and try to engage yourself in things that you enjoy. It is a new experience to stay at home.

Try to find some exciting things to do and also interesting people to connect with. Take time out to connect with your family and friends as well.

In unprecedented situations like extreme anxiety, pressure and loneliness, call for immediate help. If your institute has introduced online counselling sessions, do not hesitate in talking to a counsellor.

This will help in distracting from the negative thoughts and create a much positive environment.

Be adaptive to new ways of learning.

Many colleges are gearing up for the future of education. Online platforms have proved to be a successful model for the ones who have implemented them. The world has changed, and you have to be agile enough to keep up with it.

There are a lot of benefits to online learning — you can learn from where you want, often when you want and possibly from experts around the world! You will have access to people you may not have learned from in a face to face situation.

Institutions of higher learning are adapting to platforms like Google classroom and BlackBoard Collaborate. These are reliable and straightforward virtual classroom solutions to power online teaching and web conferencing needs. You should garner all the benefits from these platforms to hone their skills for the future.

Upskill as much as possible

You should use this time to upskill yourself, by learning from platforms like Coursera and other online courses in fields that interest you. Other than this, strengthening technical and soft skills are also essential to prepare for jobs and life.

Learn about Artificial intelligence, design thinking, project management, or even how to learn. This learning and certificates will play a vital role in raising your profile and help you have the edge over others.

Engage with your mentors

In these times of uncertainty, the guidance of mentors is equally essential. Through platforms like Zoom, you should constantly stay in touch with their mentors.

They could be their teachers, career counsellors, or life-long mentors. Share your concerns, ask questions about how you could do better, take feedback wherever possible.

Yes, the lockdown has made it difficult to meet people face to face, but it has made it much easier to meet your mentors online, and they may have more time for you as well!

Wear your creative hat

Every day we hear stories of how students are contributing their bit in the fight against Coronavirus. Fashion students are developing cost-effective facial shields-cum-masks for healthcare workers in their community.

Engineering students are developing a robot prototype that can replace sanitation workers in hospitals. Think of ways as to how you can contribute and utilize your free time to create or execute your ideas. Take part in exciting competitions and try out new ideas. Make things at home.

Try your hand at painting, cooking, gardening, making short videos, you never know how creative you actually are!

Treat this lockdown as a gift! Time is given to you to reflect, recharge, explore, and maybe recast your life! You will never get this time again, so try to use it as best as possible and treat yourself every once in a way!


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