What I Learned after Cracking My First Sales

Being an entrepreneur is essentially being a good sales


Putri Nhirun

10 months ago | 2 min read

The first product that I sold was a book, 10 years ago. I even forgot about it until after I was outlining writing points for this article. I was offered to sell a book of a friend, and ended up selling $1.5-book to 50 strangers. At the time it felt so easy, but not enough to make me want to become a career sales. Until I became an entrepreneur and about to sell my own product that I knew being an entrepreneur is essentially about being a sales — how you sell your product to customers and investors.

1. Selling product is not only about pricing

Every product have its own market, but the way it’s brought to the public will determine whether or not it will be sold out. It is the combination of the right product to the right market, pricing, and messaging.

This time, selling my own product, which is a Bootcamp about investing in stock market, doesn’t seem as easy as 10 years ago when selling a book. I can list down some factors: First off, I had to create the product and its market, and then the pricing strategy. Next, I had to to think of how marketing and sales strategy will be. It took months. The first IG ads that I posted did not convert into sales. After benchmarking with competitors, I believed that I already set the lowest price possible. I was wrong. There were numerous of errors I made in that sales trial. For one, you cannot sell a high-value product with low price, it will look cheap. After a while adjusting and experimenting with the pricing, messaging, and the product itself, I finally sold the product.

2. People buy your product for the story behind it, not for the product itself

It reminds me with Aaron Dinin’s article for when he gave assignment for students in his entrepreneur class to sell a jolly rancher for $100. At glances, it sounded impossible, until a student was able to sell it by associating the product with a specific athlete to a fan.

When selling my Bootcamp, I explained to customers what they will be missing out if they didn’t join the program, i.e an opportunity to become a trader with the cheapest possible way. People don’t buy your product for the sake of product itself, or because you have built it. They will buy the story behind the product and value that will benefit them.

I am building a Fintech about Personal App called Finca. Currently Finca is available at Google Playstore.


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