About learning UI Design... in two weeks

It just doesn't happen


Lila Papazian

2 years ago | 2 min read

Hi everyone!

This is part three of my current adventure: creating my personal webpage.

In my last article, I talked about branding and now... Now it's time for design.

And lo and behold, I took this course.

I knew that (obviously) in two weeks there is NO WAY I can become a UI designer.

Let's get that out of the way: UI (and UX) design it's a different career, and needs, just like development, lots of time to learn, and keep learning.

With that out of the way, I have to say that this course from DesignCourse does a really good job of teaching the fundamentals.

Watching it on Scrimba was fantastic.

Besides the explanations, it has interactive challenges in between, and I found that it's an excellent way of learning.

This article is going to be short because I didn't actually learn UI design in two weeks.

But, I've got to write about something right?

What I found in this time is resources

  1. DesignCourse on youtube

And his excellent web: link

  1. Erik D. Kennedy

I already mentioned him in my first article (I'm still saving for it, by the way).

Even his newsletter is packed with actionable information, that can be implemented instead of saying:

Oh, such a cute color theory! /s

I stopped there because I tend to fall into tutorial search hell: searching for hours or days for the perfect tutorial or course instead of, you know, actually doing one.

What I'm doing now it's setting a timer (30' usually) and I search for some courses. Max 5.

When the timer is up, the search is done.

I start for any of them, and I apply my flexibility principle:


There is nothing actionable about it

The course it's not what I expected

The instructor style it's not one I mesh well with

I can abandon it with no guilt attached.

And the important thing for me is that I'm not wasting time on a resource that it's not for me.

This article is going to be a short one I'm afraid, I'm still trying
to find time to do the Scrimba course exercises and train the eye.

I also didn't collect inspiration yet, it's going to happen in the next article.

So this is it folks! The third iteration on this process.

See you in two weeks


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