Let The World Walk Past You

The world has no strings on you.


Terence Kong

a year ago | 1 min read

I was on the beach, putting my best resting beach face. I was watching the world go by while resting on the beach bench.

Birds were flying by, boats cruising along the distant horizon, and people swimming not too far from the shore. To top it off, I could feel the soothing sea breeze flush through my hair and smell the salty sea.

Less than a hundred meters away, my niece and nephew were also preoccupied; they were exercising their natural curiosity and energetic vigour to mess up the house. Their parents’ pleas form them not to throw things around and be watchful of where they are going fell on deaf ears most of the time.

There was no cloud formation above, and the sea breeze continued to deliver its soft but soothing power.

It is not every day that most of us stand still in silence and permit the world to walk past us.

Why not?

What is so vital that it cannot wait until later?

What message must be responded to at this time?

Must we read all those online newspapers and magazines?

Must we participate in those group conversations on WhatsApp Messenger?

Must we have the big screen at home turned on all the time?

Must we always spend time on the Internet?

Is life walking past us as we keep our minds running 24/7?

Are we neglecting the breathtaking world around us as we perpetually ponder about the potential state of our lives in the future — what must be done, our anxieties about what may occur — and the past — where did we f*ck up, what and how things should have unfolded?

When was the last time you were a spectator? Why not start now?


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Terence Kong

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