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A Lifetime Lesson About Work From Someone Who Has Avoided Work Most of His Life

Start taking responsibility. Always remember, a workless life is a journey to worthlessness.


Joshua Idegbere

4 months ago | 2 min read


A “workless” life is a journey to worthlessness

Even though I succeeded in escaping work, my life experiences weren’t better off. In fact, life was mundane and uninteresting.|PEXEL

Asa young man, I used to think the absence of work was the beginning of happiness. I tried as much as I could to avoid work.

I still remember I lied just to avoid work. I have lied to my father so I won't go to the farm with him. I lied to him frequently that I wasn't feeling well. And for that reason, he would allow me to stay home while he goes to the farm with my younger brothers.

Assignments at school also felt like work. I hate assignments. For that reason, I sometimes miss school on the day the assignment was to be submitted and resume the following day.

I did a few other things to avoid work. And I succeeded most of the time.

As an adult, I also escaped work.

At university, I avoided some assignments. Especially the ones I felt won’t affect my scores for the semester.

And then taking responsibility was a nightmare.

Responsibility meant work. And that was something I wasn't ready for. I can't remember ever volunteering to take responsibility except they imposed on me.

Holidays were my favorite.

I love holidays. There were days I did nothing but watch movies, watch music videos, and merry with friends.

Also, I have seen people who had no option but to work for survival. There is a colleague of mine who, while in medical school, ran an evening lecture for secondary school students on the side. He had to because he was the one sponsoring himself in medical school.

There were also a few others who had all their needs met by their parents. Like they don't have to pull a muscle. All they needed to was attend classes, read and pass their exams.

Here is what I have found:

A life without work is a miserable life.

Even though I succeeded in escaping work, my life experiences weren't better off. In fact, life was mundane and uninteresting.

There was no experience beyond the ordinary and familiar. I learned nothing new. I felt the same way. I didn't quite find the happiness I thought existed outside of work.

But it was the reverse for those who embraced work and the call of responsibility. They took the hard path: the path of hard work and responsibilities. They didn't dodge work but embraced it. They took discipline. They paid the price. It wasn't convenient, but they were still committed.

In the process, they learned the wisdom of life. The experiences of life taught them lessons in life that no school on earth can teach.

They became wise and insightful in the things of life. Whereas many of us who escaped work barely could see beyond our nose.

They made new friends. Life brought their way some meaningful relationships. Most of the people they met in the process were of like minds. People who knew the value and dignity of work.

By taking responsibility, they developed their character. They knew how to communicate with their elders. They came across mentors that taught them maturity and virtues.

Do you want a life of meaning?

Then embrace work and responsibilities. The earlier, the better. If you missed it as a young lad, you shouldn't allow your children to make the same mistake.

Start taking responsibility.

Always remember, a workless life is a journey to worthlessness.


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