Can Linked-In land you up at your dream job?

Getting a job through Linked-In


Manik Garg

3 years ago | 1 min read

Linked-In is known to be the best professional networking website in the world. It is known for its corporate linkage and industry-wide network. As they say it politics buzzes on twitter and corporate buzzes on Linked-In. From Top CEOs to Talent Acquisition Managers, everybody is present on Linked-In and their account says just one thing, WE’RE HIRING. Very few people know that it serves as the world’s largest and most reliable Job portal. It gives you the ability to share your education, skills, certifications, projects, work experiences, achievements, publications, training, and your CV with almost anyone.

Top companies see Linked-In as their first choice for recruiting candidates off-campus, as it shows proper insights on the candidate’s skill set as well as his/her competence among all other applicants. Linked-In introduces more than 100 Job postings a day in almost every possible domain with different experience requirements and yet is very less explored by aspirants. According to studies people having an All-Star Linked-In profile obtain a job faster than anybody else. The truth resides in the fact that what’s better than a pool full of people who are ready to hire and just looking for someone with the skill set.

Job hunting on Linked-In is like tinder:-

  1. You select a job posting and apply in it based on the job description and perks
  2. The recruiter see profiles of all candidates and selects the ones with matching skillset

If both the candidate and recruiter like each other then, VOILA!!! IT’S A MATCH..

Coming back to the original question can linked-In land you up at your dream job, well the answer is indeed it can. You just need to have the competence and the zeal to create a network and if you don’t have the competence then Linked-In houses features such as Linked-In Learn Center and Premium Insights services that help people gain the necessary competence and skills.

It’s all about whom you approach and how do you do that, rest everything is the fruit of your hard work or rather smart work as they say.


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