Why you should use LinkedIn as a student?

7 key points that will explain the importance of having your digital presence on LinkedIn


Vibhuti Sharma

3 years ago | 2 min read

Students might think that it's not the right time to build our personal brand on LinkedIn as it's for job seekers only. This thought needs to be revised now.

Why should we care about our digital presence in a digital era? Right?

I'm a student like you only who's consistently putting efforts in building my personal brand on LinkedIn for a year. This has really helped me a lot in terms of my passion as well as profession.

I would like to share 7 key points that will explain the importance of having your digital presence on LinkedIn:


By building your own brand, you make yourself, your activities and your thoughts visible to the world. This helps to create your base for the future as well giving you an edge over your competitors by being proactive in establishing your digital presence.

Cultivate visibility as attention is a currency in today’s world.


Once you are visible on LinkedIn & know the right approach of nurturing your brand, there will be an abundance of opportunities for you that could be for your next internship, job, collaboration, business venture etc.

You’ll be able to become a magnet that attracts opportunities.


Networking with the right people is so important as it’s having a lot of potential with a win-win situation for everyone. Network with like-minded people, experts in your sector, your fellow beings and expand your network.

Your network is your networth and it’s essential to build meaningful relationships for your personal as well as professional development.


Digital presence developed appropriately will help you to get the recognition that will further help you to untap the hidden potential in your domain and to create a community of like-minded people.

Recognition is one of the greatest motivators.


There are a lot of online social platforms giving you different features. LinkedIn is the best in terms of wider organic reach today.

Start creating content related to your domain. It gives you a wider scope to display your talent and spread your charm.


A lot of Employers choose to hire you after considering your LinkedIn profile. Your profile speaks for you & your work.

Create your profile wisely including all the must-haves to make it an all-star profile and then showcase your strengths and skills by creating meaningful content along with engaging with other’s content too.


Starting early will help you set your base on LinkedIn. It’s better to start early than to regret later. Set your base right and then consistently take small baby steps to build your empire one day.

Linkedin can perform miracles for you.

These are not the only benefits. You’ll find a lot more once you step into this game. This will help you stand out from others as it’s one of the most powerful presentation tools.

This is the best investment of your time and efforts in order to show your uniqueness to the world.

What are you waiting for?


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