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LinkedIn has always been quite generous with brands when it comes to admin for company pages.


Sahail Ashraf

3 years ago | 2 min read

LinkedIn remains the social media arena’s number one place for business professionals to network, but it hasn’t brought any real new updates to the game for a little while.

However, in the past couple of weeks, updates have arrived that have genuinely made the whole LinkedIn experience a little more exciting for brands.

The first tweak concerns follower analytics. It has always been important for brands to understand and act upon follower information.

It is the one way in which brands can reach out quickly to people who are genuinely interested in them. But analytics on LinkedIn have just had a new feature introduced, and it is specific to company pages.

Finally, LinkedIn has decided that it makes sense to give company page admins more of an idea of what is going on. The new service allows you to identify company page followers by individual profile.

This is a great way to zero in on who is actually looking at your company page, with the individual profile giving you the kind of information you need to reach out.

It is in reverse chronology too. This means you get to see the most recent followers first, which will allow you to keep on top of the ‘warmest’ of potential leads through the new system.

It’s a great way to build a lead list. At the very least, you’re going to have leads here that are taking a genuine interest in your company.

Most importantly of course, the new aspect allows you to keep tabs on the performance of your company page. This is the ‘storefront’ of your brand on LinkedIn, and it’s vital to make it as good as your website.

Knowing the engagement levels for the page means you can adapt it to be more effective, or indeed change your own levels of activity on the page itself.

LinkedIn has been good to users of company pages. The level of metrics information you receive, on the whole, is extensive. You can track other company pages from your industry rivals, you see how they are doing and adapt accordingly. You can also see follower metrics over time.

This feature alone is useful to see how your reach is over the long term. Having the opportunity to track followers as individuals, with the deep level of data you get from individual accounts, makes for a sensible and rewarding update for any admins of company pages.

Invite limits

Another change that has just come out is the limit (of sorts) on invites from company page admins. In the past, company page admins could invite up to 50 connections a day to follow a company page.

This did create some problems for LinkedIn, as it soon became apparent that less scrupulous admins were able to send out ‘spam’ invites without any real consequence.

That has been tweaked, with admins able to now send out 100 invites per day, potentially. The new system allows 100 credits (one per invite), with every unaccepted invite costing a credit.

Admins get 100 credits per month. So spamming is therefore discouraged, because an unaccepted invite means a lost credit. Credits, predictably enough, do not roll over into the next month.

Two tweaks

These two tweaks do provide a little more value to company page admins. It’s important that they are able to get better metrics that tell them more than they used to.

It’s also great news that admins can finally effectively manage their connection invites to company pages. All in all, more value for users of LinkedIn.

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