How to Make a Success of Jobseeker LinkedIn Content Creation in 2021

What to post and how to crack the LinkedIn Algorithm!


Mathew Warboys

2 years ago | 3 min read

By now, most entrepreneurs and business owners understand the importance of producing LinkedIn Content on a regular basis — but, unfortunately, those in the labour market often shun this wonderful opportunity. 

LinkedIn currently harbours approx. 750 million LinkedIn Profiles — and the platform has huge expansion plans hereafter as well. Clearly, this represents an amazing chance for brand awareness for companies; but the same is true for jobseekers too! 

Each and every person looking for their dream role has a personal brand (whether they like it or not) — and therefore the only question is whether this is a positive or negative one (not to mention whether it is a memorable or forgettable one)

Of course, each jobseeker (from recent graduate to experienced professional) must have the foundation of a strong CV, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter, and Interview Preparation. But we know that approx. 70 to 80% of jobs are never made public (thus meaning that LinkedIn Networking is more essential than ever before). 

A vital component of that process is creating LinkedIn Content (particularly LinkedIn Posts) in order to showcase YOUR knowledge and insights (rather than simply telling the reader that you have them). The organic reach of LinkedIn Posts can be huge; and therefore the chance to place this knowledge in front of the audience (of lots of potential Hiring Managers and Recruiters) is also huge! 

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What Should I Post About?

You might, however, already be sold on the potential to be had from LinkedIn Posts — but less clear on what you might be able to post about. That is very understandable.

When I first posted, I felt that trepidation (but now some of the posts of mine achieve up to 100k views). I started with 0 reactions and 0 comments as well — but sought to add a lot of value to the audience across time. 

For a jobseeker, the key principle to bear in mind is transferable skills — because the Hiring Manager wants to know what you have seen and done that will help them in the pursuit of the company’s commercial aims. That might mean a case study of a previous experience, highlighting of an award/achievement, research insights for your chosen industry, or a suggestion for the targeted company to improve their revenue growth. 

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How Do I Crack The LinkedIn Algorithm?

At this point, you might be sold on the rationale for uploading LinkedIn Posts as a jobseeker (and have some idea as to what to post about) — but still not know how to increase the spread and visibility of what you have written. Again, that is very understandable — and we all start in that position. But there are a number of important points to bear in mind here! 

First of all, however, do not obsess about this too much; because the most important first step is to start creating content that is valuable (if you are not already doing so).

After that, however, have a careful think about the format of content that you are creating for the audience (not least because the LinkedIn Algorithm loves variety: text-based, a picture, an infographic, a slide deck, a video clip, and a poll). In fact, the last-named are performing exceptionally well with the algorithm at the moment. 

The best means of boosting visibility, however, is to adopt the 20:80 rule in terms of content creation: content promotion.

In other words, creating value-adding content is great — but, unless we proactively share it with people, the readership is going to be low. Build mutually beneficial relationships and rapport with LinkedIn Connections (and start to support each other’s content with meaningful comments) — because it will help to get the LinkedIn Post circled out with the algorithm thereafter. 

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In summary, the labour market has changed. If YOU are sitting down and sending out hundreds of CVs and applications without a response, it is probably time to switch it up — and therefore tap into what I call the “Hidden Labour Market” (through networking and content creation on LinkedIn). 

It can, of course, seem like a daunting prospect — but remember the 3 Vs (Value, Variety, and Validation). Provide a useful insight, in different formats, and make sure to actively receive support for such. Place such content on YOUR LinkedIn Profile Featured Section — and become an increased authority in the field. It can take a while to build, however; and therefore the time to start is now! 


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