Lip Augmentation Service: DOs and DON’Ts 101!

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Hey, do you know that a recent survey shows that lip augmentation service in Denver has become the most sought-after non-surgical cosmetic treatment? Yes, you have read right! And it means that most women are crazy after the perfect pout. Lip augmentation increases the volume of your lips while balancing the asymmetrical lips and improving their shape. 

But to get the most out of this lip augmentation treatment, proper care is necessary. And knowing what to do and not do in this guide will help you ensure that. Have a look!


What Can You DO and What Can’t After Lip Augmentation?

Suppose you have just stepped out from the clinic or are getting ready to go there for lip augmentation treatment. Then, you should have an idea of the big no-no here, even though this process doesn’t need downtime! Such as:

  • Never doing workout too much within 24 hours after lip augmentation treatment
  • Avoid going to saunas and steam rooms and getting hot baths
  • Try to avoid laying on your back
  • Don’t drink alcohol or hot beverages
  • Never use a straw to drink beverages or juice
  • Don’t exfoliate the area

Following these steps may help to prevent soreness, bruising, and swelling. Try to be careful about a couple of days about your actions to make sure you heal quickly!

However, there are some other No-No you need to remember-

Kiss after lip augmentation:

Avoid aggressive kissing for at least 72 hours after getting lip fillers. Kissing might be uncomfortable due to swelling or tenderness of the lips at first. But yes, light movements with lips, such as smiling or giving a peck on the cheek, are allowed. 

What about Oral sex?

Doing so within a couple of days after lip augmentation treatment can put unwanted pressure on your lips. And since it can affect your healing process, you better wait!

Now, see what you can do after getting lip augmentation treatment-

  • You can ice your lips to reduce swelling and bruising.
  • You can take a shower, but carefully so your lips don’t get hurt.
  • You can have food, but after the numbing agent wears off.
  • There’s no problem making any appointment just after the treatment.

Where’s the Best Place to Go for Lip Augmentation Service in Denver?

Come to Doctor-AMB (Anna Mariya Borodina) for lip augmentation service in Denver! She is highly skilled, and with her, you can be in safe and steady hands. Visit to learn more!


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