How Long Does It Take To Write a Draft Article?

These tips will help a budding writer punch out their first article without too much thought.


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Apparently it takes 20 minutes to write 750 words if you type non stop. I thought I would test it out myself.Of course it really helps if you can type accurately at a high word count per minute.

How is it that when you are not in front of the computer you have many topics in your mind. But when you sit down to write your mind and your fingers seem to freeze !.

What are the optimal conditions for you to be able to write ?

An ergonomic chair and good lighting are definitely key to getting into the flow. Optimal temperature would be another one so that you are not too hot nor too cold. Some people like writing in cafes and the soundand activity help to power their thoughts and their fingers. It could work sometimes but I cant see it working all the time .And that just means I would drink too much coffee which brings me to the next point.

You need to be adequately hydrated as well.

Research has shown that our cognitive abilities decline when we are even slightly dehydratedand irritability is also known to increase. Under the advice of a naturopath I have been able to reduce my caffeine intake which I never thought would be possible.

I loved coffee too much.

Not that I drank more than one cup a day but that was so needed. I felt I couldn’t function if I didn’t have it. In the initial days I had a dull headache which I believe are withdrawal symptoms. I dread to imagine what it would be like for those who drink 3–4 cups a day. Once that initial period was over I realised what I really enjoy is a warm drink which could be lemon and ginger tea or even passionfruit tea.

Believe me it was really hard at first but as I persisted it became easier. Now that initial six months of my treatment is over I have resorted to having a cup of coffee once a week and a few teas including a matcha latte during the week. It’s more about having a different drink rather than the same thing over and over again.

I like routine but I also love variety in my beverages.

My husband has the same lemon and ginger tea twice a day. He doesn’t seem to mind it or maybe he doesn’t like anything else.

Each to their own.

Back to my original point of course it also helps that you are adequately rested and have had something to eat as well. Nothing like trying to write on an empty stomach. Going through my list I realised sitting down to write is like being prepared for any task that you are going to do.

If you are going to paint a wall .all these are important tips too. If you are working on a important presentation the above tips will hold you in good stead. So having said that if you tick all those boxes you should be able to churn out articles or even books day in and day out.

Hold on …if it were that easy everyone would be a writer.

Rather everyone could be a writer.

And so it’s also important to realise that you cant be too comfortable , the light can’t be too bright, your tummy cant be too full and your coffee can’t be too hot. Because then you will focus on all thosethings and your thoughts and ideas will freeze.

Kind of back where we started.

So should you be jotting down your ideas and your framework for an article when it comes to you. That’s possibly a good idea. You could go old school and have small notepad that you jot down ideas or you could use one of the apps on your phone to make note of them.

Preparation is key. Unless you are prepared 20 minutes can whiz past and you would be still stuck on the first sentence.

Woo hoo… I have reached my 20th minute but I have written only 682 words.

Well the reason being I hadn't really thought of what I was going to write. So it would help to practice what I preach and then I may have made the time limit.

But all in all this has been a really good exercisee and I think with a bit of planning this is a good strategy for budding writers who dont know where to start.





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