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Look yourself.

I was tired to feel stagnating in that and decided to improve myself. I needed to push myself to do my best and I'm doing.


Julia Barcelos

4 months ago | 1 min read

When I think about my dreams, goals and start to see and feel my conquest, to come there, this is a great indication I'm going in the correct way

I'm Brazilian, my first language is Portuguese. I hated English when I was a kid, teenager, and adult being honest, but I realize I need this language to get my dream, so I started to practice that every day, I read, speak, write, and now I like it

I watch all my favorite series and film in English. I mark some meetings with old or new friends to practice English, and of course, I'm not fluent yet, I commit mistakes when I write or speak, but definitive I'm better than before. 

I was tired to feel stagnating in that and decided to improve myself

I've been using this channel to practice my English because is very difficult to maintain my knowledge if I don't practice frequently.
Some weeks I don't practice because I need to focus on another thing, but the most important I did, I set that as a routine, so... I can stop, but I'll return to that.
I started to feel great doing that just when I stopped to compare myself with other people and analyze my stories, by myself.
The same happened when I looked at my old projects and thought about my learning journey, all my 
baby steps, and I noticed how math I grew up and improve my expertise. Everything has a process to pass, and everybody needs to know their time and necessities.

What are you compromising with your personal development?

Think about that, make one checklist and do some things to get that, step by step you will feel this same energy. "

If you want to try, I recommend this link with some tips for learning English.


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Julia Barcelos


Full-stack web developer student

I'm from Florianópolis SC, I've a degree on Chemistry, but now I'm change my career to be Developer. =)







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