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There’s an essential formula for keyword research success


 But that’s only part of the story. Keyword research can be a very creative experience. It’s problem solving, logic, and creativity all wrapped up. The formula is the logic, creativity, and problem solving happen when you look outside of the box. 

 For example, let’s say you love everything about beer and know that you want to build a business around this passion so you start doing keyword research on beer. Initially what you’re going to find is that “beer” has both high demand and high supply and the folks at the top of the search engine results are big players.

 Now it’s time to get creative – niches! Niches can have very high demand and low supply. For example, during your keyword research, you may find “Chinese brewpubs,” has high demand and low supply. 

 Once you have a few good keywords and keyword phrases then you can begin to explore the possible opportunities to build a business.

 Keyword research is one of the things most people are aware of but really don’t know why they’re supposed to do it or how to do it well. Hopefully, you’ve already done a bit of keyword research to investigate the supply and demand for your website topic however if you haven’t we’ll go over the basics. 

 In addition to demonstrating the viability, supply and demand, for your topic keywords will also help you optimize your site for the search engines and as we’ll discuss in the chapter on content, it’ll help you determine what content your audience is hungry for. 

 Essentially, with keywords, you’re looking for the words or phrases that everyone is searching for and few websites are providing. It takes research, quite a lot of research, to find these golden nuggets but once you do, you’re set. For example, let’s say you want to have a website on pets. If you Google pets you’ll see that there are millions of websites striving to meet that demand. Too much competition! However, with a little research, you may find that exotic pets or how to raise exotic pets has high demand but little supply meaning there are few sites, which address this topic, then you know you have the potential for a winning and profitable website business.

Makes sense in theory, right? Let’s look at how it’s done.


In order to effectively drive more traffic to your website, it’s important to understand the concept of “keywords.” Keywords are the main component for both optimizing for search engines.


Choosing the right keywords to optimize for is the first step to driving more traffic to your website. Most people make the mistake of either choosing the wrong keywords or choosing keywords that are too competitive. 

One way to start is to choose the main topic you’re interested in building a business about. For example, perhaps you’re passionate about martial arts. Start by taking your main topic and finding its most popular version. Which related keywords receive the most searches?

Once you have your main keyword, then it’s time to find some lower competition keywords. At first, you want to optimize your website for lower competition keywords. It’s only after you’ve started to rank well for the keywords that you’d want to start optimizing for higher competition keywords.


The next step is to optimize your website for these keywords. This has a huge impact for both paid and unpaid search engine traffic.

Now let’s take a look at what keyword tools to use to find these magic keywords and how to use them.


In this section, we’re going to take a look at several keyword tools. Each tool will help you:


You may already have a market in mind. If you do – fantastic! There are a few steps that you’ll want to take to make sure that it is a market that will make money. There’s no point in building a business if it isn’t going to put cash in your wallet. 

So, maybe you have a passion for nutrition and are interested in a business that sells information and products related to nutrition. If this is the case, there are a few things to do to narrow your niche or create a sub-niche. The more targeted your niche, the more money you’ll make.

A sub-niche doesn’t necessarily mean a highly targeted topic it can be a highly targeted demographic too. This is where keyword research can be extremely useful


Once you’ve chosen your primary and secondary keywords you’ll want to research supply and demand to make sure they’re viable and profitable keywords – this means there are a lot of people looking for your information and few businesses providing it. 

To research viable niches, supply and demand let’s explore and explain five keyword research tools individually. 

 Before we start using these keyword tools, you need a list of keywords to research. Write down your list of business ideas. 

 For example, if you are passionate about personal coaching and want to offer personal coaching services then personal coaching and personal coaching services may be your keywords. If you know that you want to offer personal coaching services to a specific demographic like single parents or aspiring entrepreneurs then adding those keywords will help you narrow down the viability of your business idea.

Use the space below to write down a list of 10-20 business ideas/keywords to research.



Visit and enter your keyword or keyword phrase into the search engine and you’ll get a list of results. Up in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll also see the number of results – for example, “Results 1-10 of about 350,000 for personal coaching for single moms.”

This will give you a very rudimentary idea of how saturated the market is. Make note of the first page of results and visit those websites. Are they similar to your business idea? Grab a notebook and note which sites may be competition for you so you can go back at a later date do some in-depth research. 


The next step with Google is to visit adwords/ Enter your keyword/keyword phrase here and you’ll see a different list of results. You’ll see advertiser competition and approximate search volume.

The ideal is to see a low advertiser competition and a high search volume. That means many people are searching for your keywords but there aren’t many businesses targeting those keywords. Good demand and low supply.

Google is free and easy to use and will give you the stepping-stones to make sure your business idea is a viable one and your chosen keywords will drive traffic and customers to your website. The more demand you have for your particular keywords, the better your search engine rankings, provided you optimize your website for these keywords. The goal, to make sure your website eventually lands on the first page of search engine results.


KeywordSpy is a great tool to research your competition however it’s also an excellent tool for generating profitable keyword ideas and helping you learn whether your chosen keywords are profitable keywords. 

Visiting you’ll need to register for an account. It’s free. Once you’ve done that, you simply enter your keywords in the search tool and it will generate a list of your competitors for those keywords – websites that are using that same keyword or keyword phrase to drive traffic to their website. This is a great tool because it’ll show you your potential competition but it also gives you a list of the other keywords that site is using and what page they show up on the search engine results. This information will help you brainstorm other profitable keywords to research and potentially use to optimize your site. 

WORDTRACKER is an excellent tool for ongoing keyword research. It is a subscription service starting at $59/month however, they offer a free 7-day trial. Once you’ve utilized the other tools and are ready to use Wordtracker, go ahead and register and make the most of your free seven days. You may decide to subscribe and can on a month-to-month basis. 

Wordtracker will show you how many searches have been conducted for your keyword phrase, how many they predict, how many pages Google lists for that search term and a number called KEI or Keyword effectiveness indicator. The higher the KEI, the better. The higher the predicted number, the better and the lower the Google number the better – combined they indicate high demand and low supply. 

Keyword Discovery is a site that works similarly to WordTracker and also requires a monthly subscription.

At this point, you may have an entirely new list of keywords or your primary keyword may have been modified to become more specific. Perhaps you found that there is absolutely no demand and in fact, very few results for Personal Coaching for Single Parents however through your research maybe you found that life coaching reviews, life-coaching mentors and be your own life coach are popular search terms with little supply. Now the entrepreneurial wheels are spinning. 

 It’s important to note here that these keyword tools are excellent for researching supply and demand – potential profitability for your business idea – and they’re also useful to research content ideas and we’ll discuss that in a subsequent chapter. 

 Keyword research can inspire, and help you be an innovator. It will draw the connecting line from passion to profit – a connection that can change your life. Once you have your list of keywords narrowed down to niche-specific keywords with high demand and low supply, it’s time to research your competition!

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