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Losing Our Way

Once you shake off the dirt, you’ve been tossed around in, you’ll find your soul glistening.


Kage Mapenghou

3 months ago | 1 min read


We’ve lost our ultimate purpose in a world obsessed with possessions.

I know people today are misguided.
I’m taking ancient wisdom we’ve been provided,
making the vision more than just improvising,
my ways based on the current ways of the world.

They say diamonds and pearls
how you climb in this world.
But I know it’s not true.

I’ve seen righteous impoverished
and the rich with no clue.

From a young age,
knew the balance was off.
Every talent revolved,
around validation from animals surrounding the trough.

Nourishment from a fixed perspective.

Grew up unknowingly misdirected.
Confidence only allowed if approved by the next pig.
Or the next kid.
Or the test kit.
They use to categorize whether you’re worth an investment.

We’re losing the art of the spirit,
letting only the flesh win.
Judging success and whether we’re near it,
by how much the flesh gets.

Losing our ultimate purpose to judgements
based solely on surface.

Judge our right to be happy
by just how much we can purchase.
That type of life isn’t worth it.

The gifts that life provides go deeper than that.
The gifts of laughter and love,
the beauty of giving back.

We cannot take it with us.
We can’t live our life with pictures.

Might be worth a thousand words,
but that can’t explain our absurd
need to show people our worth.

Look within.

Once you shake off the dirt,
you’ve been tossed around in,
you’ll find your soul glistening.

In your suffering,
you’ll find a friend.
It’ll guide you out of your wilderness.

Bewildered kids need your help to look past life’s gilded fence.
To find life’s unbeaten path.

I know when I was young,
I needed that.

Now I’ll use my tongue
to heal those who heed my laugh.
How its directed at a society gone steaming mad.

If it piques their curiosity,
I’ll tell them they need to ask,
for life’s answers from the person in the looking glass.


Created by

Kage Mapenghou


Occasional Human

I'm only interested in one question... How to truly be human. A man who's mind and heart has been opened to the limits of dualistic thinking by philosophy. On the lifelong path of freeing myself and hopefully, helping others do the same. Fascinated with the human condition and addicted to learning.







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